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How to Add a Free Fire Badge with the code daa520 999

Looking for a way to add the daa520 999 Free Fire Badge? If yes, you are on the right page. Badges are indeed a trend among Free Fire players. Many of them add the badge in the bio with the code.

Badges also make your account profile cooler. How to add it is very easy. Here we explain how.

Bio Free Fire (FF) Badge

You can make your own bio as you wish. But don’t worry, we will provide a badge logo code and a special logo for you to install.

Free Fire (FF) badge bio code:

[DAA520] ★ ♫ ✿

999 999 999

[DAA520] ★ ♫ ✿

132 132 132


[DAA520] is a color code. You can change it to another color according to your taste. Here’s a set of color codes:

  • [FF0000] Red
  • [FFFF00] Yellow
  • [00FF00] Green
  • [0000FF] Blue
  • [FF00FF] Purple
  • [FFA500] Orange
  • [A52A2A] Chocolate
  • [FF1493] Pink
  • [FFD700] Gold
  • [000000] Black

For how to use a color code, you just need to choose the color you want, then copy the code. Paste it in front of the text you want to include in your profile bio. Make sure the code is correct with brackets [ di depan dan ] behind.

Behind it, namely 999 999 999 is an icon that is adjusted to the badge format on Free Fire.

How to Install the Free Fire Badge Bio Code

How to add a badge with code daa520 999 Free Fire

via Youtube

How to install the bio code on Free Fire is very easy. You just need to copy and paste the code we provided above. Make sure the code is correct and not a single character is missing.

Here are the steps:

  • First, open the Free Fire profile
  • Click the pencil logo listed next to profile
  • Enter the gallery menu and continue by clicking the pencil logo next to your signature or bio
  • Paste the code that has been copied and you have adjusted the color
  • If you are sure, click OK
  • Tap the cross or close the player info
  • The badge is automatically installed on Free Fire

Well, that’s how to put a badge in the Free Fire bio using the code daa520 ✿ 999. Hopefully it’s useful.

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