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Homescapes, a Puzzle Game Guaranteed to Make You Addictive

Homescapes Game Review

Who likes the same puzzle games?

As you have seen in the title, in this post I will
review one of puzzle games which must be familiar to your ears, games it’s titled “Homescapes”.

Homescapes is a puzzle games artificial Playrixa development company games mobile which has now entered into the top 3 developers mobile gaming in this world. Released in 2022, Homescapes this comes to be sequel from
puzzle games previously with the title “Gardenscapes” which was released one year earlier, namely in 2022.

Still with the same character Homescapes tells the story of Austin who has now returned to his childhood home and is trying to renovate the house like it was in his family’s heyday. The challenges that Austin will go through will not be easy, because he has to convince his parents so that the house is not sold as well as various other obstacles that you must overcome together.

Homescapes is match-3 puzzle game, which means you have to try to arrange 3 or more squares of the same color in order to complete the level. Each level that you have completed will be worth 1 star which can be used to decorate the house.

Presented concept games this is quite simple, you just need to finish puzzle in each level to be able to complete each mission. But in fact, with this simple concept,
Homescapes can appear as puzzle games the most played in the world. Now games it has even reached more than 100 million downloads on various android devices around the world.

So, what are the factors that make games This is so much enjoyed and received a lot of positive responses from the fans player-his? To find out the answer, let’s take a look at the various features in
games these include the following:


1. Simple, but very addictive level design

Homescapes Level Design

I told you before that Homescapes actually has a very simple concept, but with genius developer-his,
games it worked stand out as puzzle games which is very innovative, so when playing it you will not easily feel bored.

Levels in games It also has many types, ranging from level which easy, hard, very hard, until there is also a special level named “one shot” which requires you to complete it in one try to get multiple rewards.

In addition to its various level designs, Homescapes also has various types of obstacles that will appear in each level, such as water bubbles, oil, coconut, tones, spider webs that automatically create
gameplayit becomes more diverse and interesting.

2. Have a variety of new events every week


Just like like online game other, Homescapes also has a lot events who attend alternately every week. Majority events in games This is very simple, that is, you only have to collect certain types of items or collect a number of points to get prizes.

Yep, the mechanics are easy, you just need to keep playing to finish events-his. More interestingly, the prizes offered in each eventsit’s not kidding, there are so many types of prizes that you can get in one eventsstarting from
unlimited life, extra power upsstar, or
gold. In fact, occasionally there is also events which presents a variety of new decorations that you can claim for free to beautify your home.

3. Season pass

Season Pass

His name too online gamethen it’s only natural that there are features like season pass which can lure the playerher to do top up. In Homescapes games this is also the same, there is season pass every month that comes with lots of prizes in it.

For those of you who want to buy it, season pass in
Homescapes games priced at only 79,000 rupiah. Yes, in my personal opinion season pass in games this is quite cheap, especially considering the prizes in each level are very diverse, enough
worth it lah for the price range of 79,000 rupiah.

However, if you don’t want to buy it, you can still get prizes at each level for free. Even though the prizes are not as much and not as attractive as if you buy
season passes, but at least there is a gift you can
claim for free, yes, it’s better than not getting it at all.

4. Lots of power ups available

Power Up

Puzzle games
indeed often has its own level of difficulty in each level which is sometimes very difficult to pass. Therefore, there are various
power ups which you can use to make it easier to complete a level.

In Homescapes gamesthere are approximately 4 types
power ups available, including:

  • Bomb (Destroys all squares in the form area)
  • Rockets (Destroy all squares in the form of a line, moving horizontally, or vertically)
  • Paper Planes (Destroy one box at random, prioritize the box that is the mission goal)
  • Rainbow Balls (Destroys all squares in the same shape)

Various power ups you can get it by doing combinations, for example if there are 4 of the same pieces in one line, it will be automatically changed to rockets5 pieces in a row becomes rainbow balls, etc. Or you can also immediately spawn at the beginning of the level with power ups that you have got from events, login daily, etc.


As one of the puzzle games best-selling, of course deep graphics games
This has also been shown to the maximum. All the components that are present appear very smoothFor example, the Austin house design looks very detailed on each side, plus there are several
cutscene which often appears in the middle makes the story shown seem very interesting to follow until the end.

The movements of each character are also not rigid, all of their movements are very similar to what we see in the real world, such as watching TV, reading newspapers, cooking, etc. You can even feel at home for a long time in silence
games just by observing all the activities carried out by the Austin family.

However, with a very stunning graphic display that makes the specifications higher. So, prepare an android device with medium and high specifications to be able to play this game smoothly.

Also prepare at least 3 GB of free storage space because the size of this game can still continue to grow along with the routine updates which is still being done.

Advantages & Weaknesses


  1. Regularly experience updates
  2. Gameplayit’s not boring
  3. Can be played online offline
  4. Interesting story to follow


  1. Requires a fairly high specification to play it
  2. It just takes up a lot of storage
  3. Time cooldown too long life


Screenshots of Homescapes

Screenshots of Homescapes

Screenshots of Homescapes

With so much potential that makes Homescapes this is really worth it for you to play. Especially if you are a fan
puzzle gameit is mandatory for you to enter
games this is in list We.

I personally think, maybe new Homescapes who successfully displayed
puzzle games combined with a very interesting house renovating story. Because from my experience so far, puzzle games yes the content is complete puzzle at each level, no one has a story concept that even looks more interesting than
gameplay from games itself.

Therefore, Homescapes kind of has its own innovation to make para playeris interested in playing games this continuously, whether it’s because you really like it puzzleher, or just wanting to see what Austin’s house looks like. Coupled with the presence of events who regularly attends every week makes you seem to get the temptation to keep opening games this again and again.

So, how’s it going? Are you interested in helping Austin renovate his childhood home?


Okay, maybe that’s it review from me about Homescapes games. If there is something you want to ask, please write it in the comments column.

Don’t forget to always visit us because this blog will continue to provide you with information about the world

Thank you


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