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Hero & Item Counter Granger Mobile Legends

Hero and Item Counter Granger Mobile Legends

Who doesn’t know Granger? Since its release until now, Granger has often been hero prima donna to use as jungler.

In the current META, Granger is even the only one hero with
role pure marksman which stand out Becomes junglerdifferent from marksman hero others are more dominantly used in the area
gold lane.

But there’s Roger, and YSS too who can be junglers, aren’t they marksman?

Roger and Yi Sun Shin did have role marksmanbut they are completely not one marksman. Roger is more dominant to
role fighter, while YSS is more assassins.

Second hero very different from Granger, because Granger only has one role only, that is marksman, not mixed with
role other.

Then what are the consequences?

As we know that a few months ago Moonton enforced the rule that hero with role marskman will be slightly harmed when wearing retribution, cause effect true damage given by retribution to creeps will be reduced so that
farming-it will take longer when compared to
role other.

However, this does not seem to apply to Granger because this hero is still very strong even though he gets a reduction effect from the retribution.

burst damage skills Rhapsody (skill 1) Granger is the main factor why he is still dominant as a jungler. With this skill, Granger can farming more quickly. Not only that, big burst damage of these skills also become a very terrible scourge for the enemy, because they can be directly hit-pick off
in just one attack.

However, you can still get Granger’s ability counter by some hero. Curious about anything hero-his? Let’s just look at the following discussion:


1. Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong

who is often dubbed the Bonar Dragon has indeed become a counter which is good for Granger. Yu Zhong’s ability to turn into a dragon can be used to directly chase Granger so that he can’t freely attack your teammates.

In addition, this Yu Zhong is also equipped with effects crowd control on skills Furious Dive (skill 3) which he can use to stop Granger’s movement easily. Especially if it is combined with a spell
PetrifyGranger would definitely die at Yu Zhong’s hands quickly.

2. Ling


very high to be the right answer to overcome Granger quickly. With his agile movements, Ling can directly target his attacks at Granger though hero is in the back row.

In addition, Ling is also equipped with effects immune which made his attacks very difficult to stop. Not to mention, if you combine it with Angela, Granger is definitely finished even if he’s inside

However, you also need to remember that this Ling has a very high skill mechanic. Therefore, first maximize your Ling playing potential in mode classic before bringing it into fashion ranked,
rather than being blasphemed by the public :v

3. Phoveus


Want to hero which is not complicated, have damage, at the same time have a thick life? Yep,
the answer. Hero fighter this one is indeed the easiest solution to overcome Granger.

If Granger did dash with skill 2 or ultimatethen Phoveus can jump right into his face and give
damage which is pretty big. Not only that, every time Phoveus made a jump, he would get armor which makes it even thicker.

Although actually Phoveus can also be counter easily, however
hero this is still very annoying especially when it has entered a phase
late games.

4. Lancelot


Just like Ling, Lancelot’s mobility is the main factor for him to be able to attack Granger easily. With skills
Puncture His (skill 1) is not clear, Lancelot can immediately do it blink towards Granger very quickly.

In addition, this Lancelot also has a movement that is difficult to predict so Granger will be very difficult to give burst damage with skill 1 to Lancelot.

Lancelot’s only weakness may only be during the phase
late game only, because Lancelot has no growth
damage so big power-it will look a little weaker when it enters the phase late games.

Therefore, as much as possible win the game quickly rather than get hit comeback.

5. Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin

last entered list this time it was Yi Sun Shin. Yep,
hero marksman assassin this can really be counter good for Granger thanks critical damage of his immense passive.

Yi Sun Shin is also equipped with ultimate which can reveal the enemy’s position so that your team can initiate war more easily.

If you really like to play marksman junglerso
hero this is the most appropriate answer when dealing with Granger.


After knowing hero counternya, it’s good that you should also know some items counter from Granger. In this post, I will show you at least 2 items that you can use for
counter Granger, the two items are as follows:

1. Twilight Armor

Twilight Armor

Twilight Armor is the right item recommendation to hold back
damage from Granger’s 1st skill. With its passive effect, Twilight Armor will automatically limit damage 1 Granger skill that won’t exceed 900. That way, then hero you will be thicker even if you are hit by all the bullets from Granger’s 1st skill.

Twilight Armor is perfect for player tanks or
fighter the dominant ones are at the forefront so that they become thicker when hit damage from Granger.

2. Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass

Although Antique Cuirass may not be as effective as Twilight Armor, this item is still sufficient worth it for you to hold back a little
damage from Granger’s skill which is difficult to overcome.

As is physical defense which can be stacks, Antique Cuirass will make hero you are more sustain despite being hit by Granger’s attacks continuously.

Antique Cuirass effect that will only be triggered against damage from the skill makes this item seem to be the right answer to overcome Granger, because as we know damage from Granger did focus on his skills.


That’s my discussion regarding hero & Granger counter items. Keep in mind that all the contents of this post are the result of my personal opinion as a Mobile Legends players.

Therefore, if there is something you want to add, then just write your opinion in the comments column.

Thank you


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