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Here's Natalia's Hero and Counter Items You Should Know

Natalia's Hero and Item Counter

Natalia is assassin heroes in
Mobile Legends game which is currently very well known overpower.
Hero this is often even a subscription bannedwhether it’s in tournament events or in fashion ranked.

His passive skill that makes Natalia invisible (invisible)as well as
damageHer large size makes this Natalia known as
assassin heroes which is very deadly.

With ability invisible hers, Natalia can easily kill hero core enemies without worrying about getting hit
ganking. Natalia is even equipped with very high mobility which allows her to split push and

Natalia is like a complete package that can fit in any META. In fact, the pro player even if you don’t want to take the risk to deal with assassin heroes this one. Many of them prefer to just ban her, because Natalia is indeed a member
hero which is very difficult to deal with.

However, actually Natalia’s ability can still be anticipated by some hero and items that will be the main topic of my discussion in this post. Without further ado, let’s just take a look at the discussion hero and items counter Natalia follows:


1. Selena


trap owned by
can be counter which is good for Natalia. Just put it
trap Selena in the nearby bushes so that Natalia’s position can be immediately seen when she steps on trap Selena’s.

Natalia is hero who need bushes to prolong time invisible-his.

Therefore, always put trap Selena in the bushes to find out where Natalia is, as well as make her visible in the

2. Kaja


Kaja is hero which I think is most effective to use as counter Natalia. Skill 1
“Ring of Order” from Kaja could immediately reveal Natalia’s position if she happened to be nearby.

Natalia’s position can actually be predicted by the appearance of an exclamation mark above the enemy’s head which indicates that Natalia is nearby. Well, when the exclamation mark appears above Kaja’s head, just use skill 1 and Natalia’s position will automatically be seen.

You can also use the Ultimate from Kaja to prevent Natalia from escaping. When hit by Kaja’s ultimate, Natalia is certain she won’t be able to escape, because the surpress effect of Kaja’s ultimate cannot be canceled by any skill.

3. Hylos


Even though Hylos’s ability isn’t really that effective against abilities invisible Natalia, but at least Hylos can have an effect slow which is great from his 2nd skill which makes Natalia difficult to escape.

Hylos also has an effect stun from skill 1
“Laws and Orders” which he could use to stop Natalia’s movements with great ease.

4. Aldous


Hero This bouncer turned out to be counter for Natalia.
Ultimate Aldous can immediately reveal Natalia’s position wherever she is, whether it’s disappearing, hiding in a bush, her position will be immediately visible if Aldous is using

With that skill too, Aldous can immediately fly to Natalia’s position and kill her easily. Although you also need to know that Natalia has an effect immune basic attack from skill 2 “Smoke Bomb”.

Therefore, if Natalia is using skill 2, don’t try to kill her with Aldous’s punch, because it will end in vain.

5. Chou


Ultimate skills
Chou can be used as counter which was quite effective for Natalia. Chou’s kick can instantly repel Natalia who might attack hero core We.

All you need to do is always save ultimate Chou is for Natalia only, because Chou’s only skill can be
counter Natalia is only found in ultimateonly.

6. Rafaela


If you don’t want to use hero which is too complicated, then this is Rafaela’s recommendation hero the most appropriate for
counter Natalia.

Rafaela’s 1st skill which has a large area and targets directly at
hero the enemy will very easily make Natalia’s position visible if her position is near Rafaela.

Anyway, if there is an exclamation mark above Rafaela’s head, then just use skill 1 “Light of Retribution” and automatically Natalia’s position will be immediately visible.

7. Irithel


Who would have thought it turned out marksman hero this one can be counter which is good for Natalia.

One of Irithel’s abilities that he can use against Natalia is in skill 2 “Force of the Queen” which allowed him to reveal Natalia’s position directly while having an effect
slow big enough for him.

Not only that, Irithel is also known as marksman hero very agile, because he can do attacks while walking. With that ability, Irithel can more easily dodge when hit by a sudden attack from Natalia.


1. Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass is a defensive item that can withstand damage given by Natalia. Effect damage reduction quite large (10% damage reduction
and can be stacked up to 3 times) you can use to reduce
damage Natalia who doesn’t mind.

Antique Cuirass very suitable for use on fighter heroes and tank which must always sustain when hit damage from enemies on the front line.

2. Immortality


Immortality is the item that I think is most effective to use as a
counter Natalia. This item can take quite a long time, because you can still come back to life after being killed by Natalia.

By using Immortalitythen Natalia should at least kill hero you 2 times. Automatically, the time he needs will be longer while he also has to be aware of the possibility gankingbecause Natalia actually has a very thin HP.

Therefore, Immortality very worth it once used for counter Natalia so that she can’t kill
hero you easily, especially when you have entered a phase
late games.

3. Wind of Nature

Wind of Nature

Natalia is a type hero physical damageand
physical damage tyou can handle this with
Wind of Nature.

Active effect of Wind of Nature which allow hero We
immune to physical damage for 2 seconds is very effective once used to fend off all damage from Natalia’s attack.

However, you also need to remember that the effects of
Wind of Nature it can only be activated manually. So, needed timing the right one, the effect can work optimally, if it’s too late to press it, okay, surrender :v


So many discussions from me related hero and items that you can use for counter Natalia. If any of you want to submit criticism and suggestions, please write them in the comments column.

Thank you