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Here are 5 of the Easiest Hero and Item Counter Ling in Mobile Legends, Try it!

Hero and Item Counter Ling

Who doesn’t know Ling? The only one hero in
Mobile Legends game who can climb this wall is always the target of every doing draft picks.

Ling’s extremely high mobility, coupled with critical damageHis massive size is the main factor why Ling is so hotly contested in META right now.

Ling’s ability in retaliation is also not to be underestimated, because
hero this can do retribution medium time
immune in the middle of phase ultimateis going on.

Power from Ling will also get crazier when it enters the phase
late game. In that phase, Ling can become hero split push which is very good. By utilizing skill 1 “Finch Poise”Ling can quickly fly through the wall directly towards turret which will be pushed without being detected by the enemy.

Ling’s various abilities are indeed a very terrible specter, so you need to know some hero and the following items to use as counter Ling.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion:


1. Brody


is the only one marksman hero who can deal with Ling’s deadly attacks. When hit by an attack from Ling, Brody can easily dodge thanks to the effect stun which he has from skill 2
“Corrosion Strike”.

Not only that, this Brody also has a fairly high durability to
hero classmate marksman, thus making it easier for him to survive when he has to be hit by attacks from assassin heroes like Ling.

For problems damageBrody is also not far from
marksman other. Even, hero this already has damage who has been sick since early game and more independent in terms of farming. Therefore, for you player marksman who are afraid of getting hit
gank Ling, just try playing with Brody.

2. Saber


Saber is the right choice for those of you who like to play
hero push origin. Yep, this Saber can instantly kill Ling with just ultimate skillshis “Triple Sweep” which have
damage which was enough to devour Ling in one go.

Ultimate skills Saber also has very low mechanics, because the skill only does lock to hero enemy only. Therefore, for those of you who really can’t use it fast hand herothen Saber is the right choice for you to make counter Ling. All you have to do is press ulti, Ling will automatically die.

3. Ruby


It’s often felt to see this Ruby used when Ling is on the enemy team, especially in big tournament events like MPL.

Ruby has a lot of effects crowd control from each of his skills that allowed him to block Ling’s movements very easily.

This ruby ​​is great for being counter Ling while in team fight, because Ruby can immediately stop Ling’s movement when he is about to attack backline heroes your team.

The point is, always paste backline heroes which Ling was after with Ruby. That way, Ling will no longer be able to advance carelessly, because once Ling is affected crowd control Ruby, then the history was over right then and there.

4. Akai


Become hero who is very prima donna after being hit revampmake popularity
Akai now increasingly skyrocketed to dominate META.

Actually, before getting hit revamp Akai is already famous so
hero the one that can counter all assassin thanks to effect
knockback from ultimate skillshis “Hurricane Dance” which, when combined with the wall, has already been made assassin heroes cant move.

Well, after being hit revamp, ultimate Akai can now be combined with skill 1, which has proven to be very good for surprising enemies who want to run away. If you have been hit by Akai’s ulti, you will continue to be cornered into the wall,
hero even agile Ling will not be able to escape anywhere.

5. Natalia


Hero last, at the same time be hero the most annoyingLand of Dawn,
who else if not Natalia the Ghosting craftsman. With effect
invisible his,
could host easily to attack Ling without being detected in the slightest.

Natalia is also equipped with very high mobility, making it easier for her to find Ling’s position wherever she is.

Power Natalia against Ling was proven when match RRQ vs Rebellion in the last season 9 MPL event. In match that, Vall’s Natalia can do solo kill to Ling Alberttt when his position was out of reach of his teammates.

The size damage from Natalia it was indeed very possible for her to kill Ling very quickly. Especially if you have entered the phase
late game and all the items are ready, once Natalia scratches, Ling is sure to die immediately.


1. Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon

Ling’s deadly combo attack was indeed very difficult to dodge. Therefore, you need at least one item with an effect
immune to avoid Ling’s deadly combo.

Now, Winter Truncheon it becomes an item immune which is very
worth it for you to use as counter Ling, because this item will make hero We immune from damage and effects
airborne from ultimate Ling.

Winter Truncheon this is very suitable for use hero with a low HP bar, for example role magebecause
role This is often Ling’s target, so you need to use Winter Truncheon to dodge all his attacks. Let’s not mukill too.

2. Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass

Well, if Winter Truncheon it was meant for
hero with a thin HP bar, then now it’s turn
Antique Cuirass which is suitable for you to use hero with thick HP bars, like tank and fighter.

Antique Cuirass have physical reduction from enemy skills and can be stacked up to 3 times, which makes this item very suitable for use as a counter from Ling.

If you already have this item, then hero you will get thicker if hit damage from Ling’s skill over and over again. More and more
hero you are hit by enemy skills, the bigger it gets
physical reduction which will be obtained.

With that effect, Antique Cuirass very suitable for
counter hero whose attacks depend on skills, such as Ling, Lancelot, Natalia, and Fanny.


That’s 5 heroes and item counter Ling which you can use. Approximately is there from hero and the items above that you guys used when dealing with Ling? Just write in the comments column.

Thank you


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