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Here are 5 Heroes and Counter Items for Terizla Mobile Legends

Hero and Item Counter Terizla Mobile Legends

Terizla suddenly became hero which is very popular in META now since getting buff massive from
Moonton in the last few patches. Since being hit buffTerizla’s ability suddenly became very over poweruntil
Moonton in the end give nerf to him on
patches addition that was released in the last few weeks.

Burst damage from skill 2 Terizla is known to be very painful. Moreover, now the skill can no longer be
cancel again by effect crowd control, make
power Terizla is getting crazier in the area exp lane. With
burst damage-his great size, Terizla can now even defeat Esmeralda who is famous for having absorb damage very high.

In addition, with the area ultimate The expanded Terizla also makes it even easier when joining team fight. Effect
crowd control which is on ultimate skillsIt makes enemies who don’t have blink skills very difficult to escape. Not only is the area expanded, the animation effects are also accelerated so as to make
ultimate Terizla looks so over power to be used in a team fight.

With these various advantages, it is not surprising that Moonton finally give nerf to Terizla. However, even though it’s been hit nerfthe power of Terizla is still classified
overpowered, so you should know hero and items
counter from Terizla.

Therefore, in this post, I will describe some
hero and items counter Terizla that you can use. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion.


1. Lunox


Lunox is hero mage which is known as
counter para tank. Why so? This is because skill 2 Lunox has a percentage damage which depends on the enemy’s HP. So, the bigger the enemy’s HP, the more it hurts damage issued by Lunox.

What’s more, while using ultimate mode
Power of Chaos (purple), Lunox skill 2 will not have
cooldownso that he can give burst damage continuously for a short period of time.

Although its durability is still far inferior to Terizla, this Lunox is equipped with escape skills from Ultimate Power of Order (yellow) which can make it escape easily from all effects
crowd control owned by Terizla.

For use in areas exp lane even Lunox is still possible, because hero It is known to be very flexible to use in various situations. want in gank there is escape skillsfor playing bars is also okay because it has burst damage the big one, basically there is no shortage for Lunox to fight Terizla.

2. Karrie


It’s no secret that Karrie can become
counter hero – hero thick ones, like Terizla. The size
true damage Karrie’s possession allows her to eliminate Terizla in a very short time.

However, you need to remember that this Karrie doesn’t have
escape skills which is good, so he must use
sprint spells to be able to avoid various initiations carried out by the enemy, as well as to escape the effects crowd control Terizla’s.

Good positioning should also always be taken into account when using Karrie, because hero this will always be the target of the enemy when it is in team fight.

3. Silvanna


If you like playing bars, then hero this is the most appropriate recommendation to fight Terizla. As a
fighter mages,

Silvanna is equipped with magical burst damage large and thick enough durability. These attributes are sufficient provisions for Silvanna to fight against Terizla in the area exp lane.

Don’t forget also that this Silvanna has a reducing effect
physical and magical defense from his passive skill which when combined with items glowing wand, so damage burn What Silvanna releases will be able to burn Terizla’s life in an instant.

For business by one, Silvanna greatly benefited thanks to
ultimate skillswhich can lock up the enemy for a few seconds. If you have been hit by Silvanna’s ultimate skill, like it or not, Terizla must face it with all his might and hope that he can still survive, even though the possibility is very small because Silvanna has additional attributes.
defense and upgrade attack speed when he is inside the area ultimate hers.

4. Thamuz


As fellow fighter heroes which is being contested a lot in META right now, Thamuz can indeed be a worthy opponent for Terizla in the area exp lane. The attributes possessed by Thamuz are almost the same as those of Terizla, so that if they are met, they can compete fairly mechanically.

In terms of durability, Thamuz and Terizla both have high durability, which makes them very difficult to overthrow when they are in an environment. team fight.

However, unfortunately this Thamuz has no effect
crowd control as strong as Terizla, so maybe if used for initiation, Terizla is much more reliable.

But make no mistake, even though Thamuz has no effect
crowd control the strong one, hero it is equipped with effects
true damage of his extremely lethal passive skill, which can even make backline heroes the enemy was killed instantly when hit by a patch by Thamuz.

Gameplay Thamuz who often sticks to hero the enemy is perfect for those of you who like to play bars.

5. Julian


Hero The last thing you can use against Terizla is Julian. Hero
fighter mage which is relatively new, is known to be very flexible to be used in various applications lane anywhere. Even if Julian has been hit nerf massive by Moonton, hero this is still often contested in every match.

Julian’s high level of flexibility can be used against Terizla in the area exp lane. Even though it’s possible hero this doesn’t have as strong a durability as Terizla, but Julian can still anticipate it by using the tug-of-war method.

With skill 1 strengthened, Julian can repay Terizla very easily from a long distance. In addition, Julian is also equipped with effects
immune of the strengthened skill 2 which he can use to escape any effects crowd control Terizla’s.


1. Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice

As a fighter with high durability, Terizla is supported by effects life steal of items Bloodlust Exe which was usually the first item he made. Well, to overcome the effect
life steal these, items are required Dominance Ice.

Not only reduces the effect life steal, Dominance Ice will also reduce attack speed Terizla’s, making his attacks less effective.

Dominance Ice this is very worth it you use to
fighter heroes and tank who are always at the forefront of making their durability even thicker.

2. Demon Hunter Sword

Demon Hunter Sword

Just like Thamuz, Terizla will also be very weak when exposed to passive effects from items Demon Hunter Sword. The effect of this item that can give
damage Extras based on the enemy’s max HP make Terizla’s thick durability useless.

When the passive effect is active, this item will make damage heroes you increase depending on how much max HP the enemy has. It’s getting thicker hero enemy, the more it hurts too damage that you will take out.

Therefore, Demon Hunter Sword dubbed as item
tank killerbecause this item is very effectively used to weaken the durability of the tank and fighter.

Items Demon Hunter Sword this is very suitable for use
marksman hero and jungler as damage dealer important for your team.

3. Immortality


Who doesn’t know this item?

Immortality is an item counter all hero which is very mandatory for you to use when you have entered the phase late game. The passive effect of this item can make your hero come back to life
(Immortal) can be used as escape skills
which is good for escaping Terizla’s attack.

In addition, the effect Immortal it also makes survival
hero you improve, so you can be more confident when you are about to do a team fight.


That’s 5 hero and items counter Terizla that you can try using in META now. Approximately is there from hero and which item is your favourite? Write your answer in the comments column.

Thank you


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