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Here are 5 Hero and Item Counter Julian Mobile Legends

Hero and Item Counter Julian

Julian is hero in Mobile Legends game which official released in original server in September 2022.
Hero it has role fighter/mage with a unique ability where all of his skills can be strengthened, thus making Julian seem to have no ultimate skills.

The concept is practically the same as Paquito, where you have to use several skills first to be able to use his strengthened skills.

But the difference is, Julian has been able to unlock all his skills since level 3, which makes hero this is so over power in phase early games.

Julian’s strengthened skill also has damage which is quite lethal. Not only that, one of his strengthened skills also has an effect immune which makes Julian very difficult to catch.

It’s not enough, Julian will also get HP regen which was great after using his strengthened skill.

These various abilities make Julian very troublesome for you to fight. However, this Julian still got you counter why with some hero & the following items:


1. Franco


Julian is hero which would have been terrible if the movement was not stopped quickly. Therefore, to stop Julian’s movement instantly, Franco can be a very good choice.

With stress effect from ultimate skillsIn fact, Franco can instantly make Julian immobile anywhere, so your friends can kill him very easily.

2. Yin


Yin has a very unique ability where he can draw his enemies into his own domain to be invited by one.

Well, that’s the ability that Yin can use to overcome Julian, because Julian has role fighter mage which has a relatively low durability when compared to fighter heroes other.

Therefore, if Julian had been hit by Yin’s combo skill, then he shouldn’t have survived.

However, you need to remember that Yin must do his combo skill correctly when dealing with Julian. If the combo miss just once, then Julian would win.

3. Thamuz


Thamuz is hero my mainstay when it comes to dealing with Julian, because hero this can win the duel very easily.

Burst damage what Thamuz has from his passive skill will pay off Julian’s life quickly. Added with HP regen from
ultimate skillsIts size is quite large, making Thamuz even more difficult to beat.

No matter how Julian attacks him, if Thamuz still has
ultimate skills and vengeance spells, then Julian would surely fall before him.

Thamuz is very suitable for those of you who really like to play barbarian.

4. Chou


Chou can be the right choice to overcome
hero like Julian who doesn’t have much escape skills.

With ultimate skills his, Chou can immediately kick Julian towards the tower or towards your group of friends.

Chou in META is now often used with
full item defense, so that the durability is certain to be very strong even if it is hit all over damage of Julian’s skill.

5. Vale


Vale is an option hero the right one to deal with Julian if you really like to use heroes with
burst damage the big one. Because, hero this can eliminate Julian with just one skill combo.

Vale does have burst damage terrible thing about each skill, which makes hero like Julian can disappear in an instant.

However, this skill from Vale is very prone to experience missso you have to practice your accuracy often so that all
damageit can enter Julian’s body.


1. Athena Shield

Athena Shield

Julian is relying so much on burst damage of his strengthened skills to finish off his enemies.

Therefore, items counter the first one that is most appropriate for you to use is Athena Shieldbecause this item can reduce 25% burst damage

of Julian for a few seconds.

Athena Shield It is also equipped with attributes magic defense very high that you can use to dampen damage of each Julian skill.

2. Immortality


The second item, as well as being a mainstay item to be used in the phase
late gamethat is Immortality.

Immortality This is here to ensure safety
hero you guys after getting hit by Julian thanks to his passive effect
“Immortal” that can awaken hero you after his life was over.

Besides that, Immortality will also automatically improve your mentality to be more daring to do team fight, because when the effect of this item is still active you don’t have to worry anymore about being hit by a sudden attack from the enemy.


That’s all my discussion this time is related hero & item counter Julian. If there are additions from you, please write them in the comments column below.

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