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H-Manga Content Relationship with Consensual?

Dafunda Otaku – Did you know that once a year the Niconico website has something called Niconico Chokaigi aka a Conference titled Super Niconico. The two-day gathering is a special celebration of Japanese Internet culture.

Between H-Manga and Consensual

Lastly, the event was held last weekend at the convention center Makuhari Messeabout 30 minutes east of downtown Tokyo.

One of the Japanese Twitter users with the username @hiroko_TB (one of the visitors of the event), briefly stood on the panel of Midori Makita (@midrill), and saw a professional statistician who focuses on numerical data related to erotic manga.

The expert is seen presenting data on 19 different erotic manga magazines, along with what percentage of their sexual intercourse content is consensual.

From the data shown, each is this:

  • Angel Club: 76/24
  • Comic Kuriberon: 50/38
  • Magazine Siberia: 44/56
  • Comic Yumutensei: 31/69
  • Comic Taka: 21/79
  • Men’s Gold: 21/79
  • Comic X-Eros: 17/83
  • Comic Ansurium: 17/83
  • Comic Aun: 13/81
  • Comic Europa: 11/89
  • Web Maga Bangaichi: 10/90
  • Comic ExE: 10/86
  • Comic Kairakuten: 10/86
  • Penguin Club: 8/83
  • Action Pizza: 8/92
  • Comic Naman: 6/94
  • Comic Lo: 5/90
  • Comic Bavel: 5/95
  • Magnum X: 0/100
  • Total: 19/79

The data above is the result of the percentage obtained from the division of the relationship between Manga-H with non-consensual and consensual.

It can be seen carefully, if the total data available from the percentage does not reach 100%, but know that it is a result that cannot be defined in an easy way, let alone only in two classifications. The main thing is! In eromanga there is a lot of consensual sex.

Through this data reported by Soranews, it was found that 79% did show that consensual sex was the majority, but if almost 20% of the relationships were based on coercion this could be seen as a social disaster in the real world. Any feedback?