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Gusha Celi Boya Genshin Impact, What It Means and Items to Give to Hilichurl

Gusha Celi Boya Genshin Impact – The fourth day of the Mimi Tomo event is here. A few more translations need to be done to calm down the helpful Hilichurl and get some information out of them.

Tracking the Unusual Hilichurl is invaluable, as players will get some great Primogems and decorations for their Serenitea Pots.

Thanks to the Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian which they could use to look up the different phrases that Hilichurl would use.

On Day 4, players go through most of the missions before encountering the hilichurl world phrase “Gusha Celi Boya”.

Meaning of Gusha Celi Boya Genshin Impact

Gusha Celi Boya Genshin Impact

Gusha translates to fruit and vegetables, Celi translates to heat or light, and Boya translates to red.

So, it looks like Hilichurl is looking for a red fruit or vegetable. You can try giving him Tomatoes or Chili and he will be very happy.

If you don’t have tomatoes in your inventory, you can find them at the Liyue or Mondstadt general store. Can also try another red fruit or vegetable and see if hilichurl will accept it.

You can open the Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian at any time and open the Mimo Tomo section of the event menu.

Then press the button prompted for Hanbook near the bottom of the event description. There are quite a few Hilichurlian phrases in there. It’s still pretty easy to figure out what the hilichurlians are talking about.

Items Lata Boya Sada Genshin Impact Hilichurl event

Hilichurl will then ask for something else after you give him tomatoes or chilies. He asked Lata Boya Sada.

Go to the event manual and you will find out that Boya and Lata when combined mean Blue.

The phrase gives a hint about the type of blue item hilichur wants. Sada itself means solid or hard.

You can go to Inventory to look for solid blue items. Try to give him a Magical Crystal Chunk because it looks the bluest of them all.

You can also give him a regular Crystal Chunk. It’s more turquoise in color, but that doesn’t seem to matter to hilichurl.

Camel Mosi Nada Genshin Impact

Next, the restless hilichurl will send you to find some bad guys. He said that you can find it there at the Mosi Nada Camel.

Players who played it in previous events will recognize the meaning of the phrase because it has been used before. The phrase means “Beautiful time from lunch to just before sunset.”

The four phrases used in the event describe a certain quarter of a day. It shows the time between noon and 6pm. Go to the specified place and click on the Time icon in the main left menu. Pick the right time and you’ll be up against some unusual jokes.