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Guide to Solving The Light Guilding Puzzle The Narrows Genshin Impact

The Light Guilding Puzzle in Genshin Impact is all about using mirrors to refract or reflect light.

There were a few of them found in Enkanomiya now that the Three Realms Gateway Offering event was active.

Guide to Solving the Light Guilding Puzzle Genshin Impact

The Guide Light Puzzle in Genshin Impact features a mirror with two elements: Cryo and Hydro. Some of these objects can be rotated, but you can also change their element type.

The cryo mirror will reflect the light and cause it to reflect. However, Cryo mirrors can also be smelted using Pyro, turning them into Hydro mirrors.

The hydro mirror, meanwhile, will cause light to pass through it. They can be frozen and turned into Cryo variants.

Puzzle Solution

There are several of these in The Narrows (aka. Corrosion Intensity 28). The first one was found in the north west region of the teleporter.