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Guide to Quest Chi from the Past (The Chi of Yore) Genshin Impact

Chi from the Past or The Chi of Yore is a long quest Genshin Impact that takes place in Liyue and features a lot of exploration and puzzles.

You need to find the three hidden fragments scattered throughout Liyue. Finding it is not easy.

Some of these fragments don’t even appear on the map, making them harder to find. But don’t worry, you can read the guide in this article to find each fragment.

Start Quest Chi from the Past (The Chi of Yore)

To start the quest, you have to talk to Yan’er near the ruins on the Bishui Plain. He will reveal that there are some missing fragments scattered throughout Liyue that can be collected to unlock some great rewards.

You will later be tasked with finding each fragment. Luckily, the fragments weren’t too hard to find. Here’s the guide.

Investigate the Ruins

First, you should investigate the ruins near Yan’er, because there is the first fragment. You need to find three small stone statues that can be found in the large Amber outcroppings.

The giant orange crystals are easy to spot, and statues are usually found hiding nearby.

After interacting with the three statues, a chest will appear near a large Ruin Hunter that the player must destroy. Once defeated, you can claim the first fragment.