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Grimz G2 Officially Disqualified from PMCO 2022

Disqualification colored the Grand Final of PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split 2022. Grimz G2 was officially disqualified from PMCO Indonesia which was held Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21 2022.

Currently, the PMCO Spring Split is being held in Indonesia. The best 8 teams from group A and 8 teams from group B are confirmed to get slots in the final round.

However, unfortunately, one of the teams that escaped was caught committing age theft. That team is Grimz G2.

In his statement on Saturday night, September 20, 2022, it was known that there was a falsification of documents by one of the players from Grimz G2. Ziro is proven to fake his age from his real age.

Confess Data Mistake

Grimz G2 Officially Disqualified

Grimz Esports said that the management did not know about the age theft committed by one of its roster. This really hurts the PUBG Mobile Indonesia tournament.

Grimz Esports itself admitted that they did not know if their roster was underage. His party has apologized for the problems that occurred with Grimz G2 at PMCO.

We ourselves did not know that one of our players, GrimzxZiroG2, was underage and falsified data.” that’s the statement from Grimz Esports.

It also said that they only facilitated and provided financial support.

They also acquired a team in the grand final, only one day away from the group stage. Because of that, they were in a hurry and did not expect that there would be falsification of data.

Tencent Officially Sentenced to Grimz PUBG

Grimz G2 Officially Disqualified from PMCO

Tencent as the official developer and organizer has sentenced Grimz G2. They conceded and played underage roster during the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2022 tournament.

Even though they have qualified for the finals, due to false data from one of the players, like it or not, the team must accept the disqualification given. The owner of the nickname GRIMZxZiroG2 must be disqualified from PMCO.

In the official release of PUBG Mobile Indonesia, they wrote that they always presented fair competition in the official tournaments that were held. Recently, they found a roster that cheated on ringing.

The players and teams concerned, in this case Grimz Esports and GRIMZxZiroG2, have been disqualified from the PMCO 2022 Grand Finals. They also received a punishment from Tencent in the form of a one-year ban from all tournaments that Tencent has held.