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GothamChess vs. Fan God Ended Peacefully, Here's the Chronology

GothamChess VS Dewa Fan is currently being hotly discussed by the public. How not, the figure of the father from Indonesia, Dadang Subur aka Dewa_Kipas managed to beat the world-class chess gamer at, Levy Rozman aka Ghotam.

The case became increasingly viral because the Dewa_Kipas account was blocked because it was accused of using cheats. The son, Akbar Ali claimed that his father’s account was blocked because many reported the Dewa_Kipas account for cheating by using cheats.

Meanwhile, itself said it had never blocked based on the account’s complaint.

Diligently Record Steps, Key to Victory GhotamChess vs Dewa Fan

Gothamchess Vs Fan God Ended Peacefully, Here's the Chronology

Against GothamChess, Dadang’s ELO rating has reached 2,311. Interestingly, this achievement was achieved in only a short time of 3 weeks.

Where usually people will rise to the rank of ELO 800-1200 within a few months. That’s because Dadang doesn’t know the time and often gets scolded by his wife for playing games all the time.

Another uniqueness of Dadang is that he diligently records every step in a chess match. Before being introduced to by his son, he also often played against bots on the Chess Shredder application.

The bot is made in such a way that its abilities are equal to chess players ranked ELO 2,600 and above. The father also often wins chess tournaments organized by the office where he works to the regional level.

GothamChess Already Apologize

sorry ghotamchess

GothamChess vs. Fan God feud ended peacefully. Initially, Dadang’s son, Ali Akbar, did not accept his father being accused of cheating by using cheats.

However, the latest news is that Levy has apologized personally to Dadang through his son, Ali. Levy apologizes for the inconvenience this has caused.

However, many netizens suggested that GhotamChess vs. Dewa Kipas had a rematch or rematch to prove there was cheating or not.

However, Levy did not agree. Instead, he offered to stream together by involving chess players from Indonesia.

In this case, Levy’s Instagram account was immediately attacked by Indonesian netizens who did not accept Dewa Kipas being accused of cheating until his account was blocked. In fact, because of the disturbance, GhotamChess’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are now private.

According to Levy, as a result of this incident he bears a greater burden than Dadang. That’s because he makes the game his main profession, while Dadang just spends his free time.

Dadang himself has agreed to have his account blocked and does not expect the account to come back at all. In fact, he is grateful because now Ali’s father can stop playing games, where he usually forgets the time when he is already busy playing chess online.

The father had intended to stop when he had reached the ELO 2,200 rating. However, he still played until his rating had gone up to 2,300 and ended against GothamChess.