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Good Pet Names in Free Fire, Antique, Unique, and Interesting!!! – Good Pet Names in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire players can have a pet character or pets. These animals will be able to interact with the main character, both when they are in the game lobby and during the match.

In addition, this pet character is similar to a real pet. Which in this case, players need to feed it so that the level of the pet increases so that it can unlock its skin or emote. Here are unique and interesting names for your Free Fire pet

    • Achelois – One of the moon goddesses.
    • Achelous – The patron god of the Achelous river.
    • Aeolus – (aka Aeolos, Aiolos, Aiolus, Eolus) God of air and the winds.
    • Aether – (aka Aither, Akmon, Ether) God of light and the atmosphere.
    • Alastor – God of family feds.
    • Alsione – One of the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione.
    • Alectrona – Early Greek goddess of the sun.
    • Amphitrite – (aka Salacia) The wife of Poseidon and a Nereid.
    • Antheia – Goddess of gardens, flowers, swamps, and marshes.
    • Aphaea – (aka Aphaia) A Greek goddess who was worshipped exclusively at a single sanctuary on the island of Aegina in the Saronic Gulf.
    • Aphrodite– (aka Anadyomene, Turan, Venus) Goddess of love and beauty.
    • Apollo– (aka Apollon, Apulu, Phoebus) God of the sun, music, healing, and herding.
    • Ares– (aka Enyalius, Mars, Aries) God of chaotic war.
    • Aristaeus – (aka Aristaios) Patron god of animal husbandry, bee-keeping, and fruit trees.
    • Artemis – (aka Agrotora, Amarynthia, Cynthia, Kourotrophos, Locheia, Orthia, Phoebe, Potnia Theron) Goddess of the moon, hunting, and nursing.
    • Asclepius – (aka Aesculapius, Asklepios) God of health and medicine.
    • Astraea – The Star Maiden – a goddess of justice, included in Virgo and Libra mythologies.
    • Até – Goddess of mischief.
    • Athens– (aka Asana, Athene, Minerva, Menerva) Goddess of wisdom, poetry, art, and the strategic side of war.
    • Atlas – The Primordial Titan who carried the weight of the heavens on his back.
    • Atropos – (aka Aisa, Morta) One of The Fates – She cut the thread of life and chose the manner of a persons death.
    • Attis – The (minor) god of rebirth.

    Good Pet Names in Free Fire- B

    • Bia – The goddess of force.
    • Boreas – (aka Aquilo, Aquilon) The North Wind. One of the Anemoi (wind gods).
    • Brizo – Protector of Mariners.

    Good Pet Names in Free Fire – C

    • Caerus – (aka Kairos, Occasio, Tempus) The (minor) god of luck and opportunity.
    • Calliop– One of the Muses. Represented epic poetry.
    • Calypso – (aka Kalypso) The sea nymph who held Odysseus prisoner for seven years.
    • Castor– (aka Castore, Kastor) One of the twins who represents Gemini.
    • Celaeno – The name of a wife of Poseidon.
    • Cerus – The wild bull tamed by Persephone, made into the Taurus constellation.
    • Ceto – (aka Keto) a sea monster goddess who was also the mother of other sea monsters.
    • Chaos – (aka Khaos) The nothingness that all else sprung from.
    • Charon – (aka Charun) The Ferryman of Hades. He had to be paid to help one cross the river Styx.
    • Chronos – (aka Chronus, Khronos) God of time.
    • Circe – (aka Kirke) A goddess who transformed her enemies into beasts.
    • Clio – One of the Muses. She represented History.
    • Clotho – (aka Nona) One of the Fates – Spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle.
    • Crios – The crab who protected the sea nymphs, made into the Cancer constellation.
    • Cronus – (aka Cronos, Kronos, Saturn) God of agriculture, father of the Titans.
    • Cybele – (aka Agdistis, Magna Mater, Meter, Meter Oreie) Goddess of caverns, mountains, nature and wild animals.

    Good Pet Names in Free Fire – D

    • Demeter – (aka Ceres, Demetra, Tvath) Goddess of the harvest.
    • Dinlas – Guardian of the ancient city of Lamar, where wounded heroes could heal after battle.
    • Dionysus– (aka Bacchus, Dionysos, Liber) God of wine and pleasure.
    • Doris – A Sea Nymph, mother of the Nereids.

    Good Pet Names in Free Fire- E

    • Eileithyia – (aka Eileithyiai, Eilithia, Eilythia, Eleuthia, Ilithia, Ilithyia, Lucina) Goddess of childbirth.
    • Eireisone – The deity who embodied the sacred ceremonial olive branch.
    • Electra – (aka Atlantis) One of the seven Pleiades.
    • Elpis – (aka Spes) The spirit of Hope.
    • Enyo – (aka Bellona) A (minor) goddess of war, connected to Eris.
    • Eos – (aka Aurora, Eosphorus, Mater Matuta, Thesan) Goddess of the Dawn.
    • Erato– One of the Muses – represents Lyrics/Love Poetry.
    • Erebus – (aka Erebos) God of darkness.
    • Eris – (aka Discordia) Goddess of strife, connected to Enyo.
    • Eros – (aka Amor, Cupid, Eleutherios) God of love, procreation and sexual desire.
    • Eurus – (aka Euros, Vulturnus) The East Wind – One of the Anemoi (wind gods).
    • Euterpe– One of the Muses – represents Music/Lyrics/Poetry.

    Cool Free Fire Pet Name List – G

    • Gaia – (aka Celu, Gaea, Terra) Goddess of the Earth, also known as Mother Earth.
    • Glaucus – (aka Glacus, Glaukos) A fisherman turned immortal, turned Argonaut, turned a god of the sea.

    Cool Free Fire Pet Name List – H

    • Hades– (aka Aita, Dis Pater, Haidou, Orcus, Plouton, Pluto) God of the Dead, King of the Underworld.
    • Harmonia – (aka Concordia) Goddess of Harmony and Concord.
    • Hebe – (aka Juventas) Goddess of youth.
    • Hecate – (aka Hekat, Hekate, Trivia) Goddess of magic, witchcraft, ghosts, and the undead.
    • Helios – (aka Sol) God of the Sun.
    • Hemera – (aka Amar, Dies, Hemere) Goddess of daylight.
    • Hephaetus – (aka Hephaistos, Vulcan, Sethlans, Mulciber) God of fire and blacksmithing who created weapons for the gods.
    • Hera – (aka Juno, Uni) Goddess of goddesses, women, and marriage and wife of Zeus.
    • Heracles – (aka Herakles, Hercules, Hercle) An immortal hero of many Greek legends, the strongest man on Earth.
    • Hermes – (aka Pyschopompus, Mercury, Turms) God of commerce and travel, and messenger of the gods.
    • Hesperus – (aka Hesperos, Vesper) The Evening Star.
    • Hestia – (aka Vesta) Greek goddess of the home and fertility. One of the Hesperides.
    • Hygea – (aka Hygieia, Salus) Goddess of cleanliness and hygeine.
    • Hymenaios – (aka Hymenaeus, Hymen) God of weddings.
    • Hypnos – (aka Somnus) God of sleep.
    • Iris – Goddess of rainbows.
    • Khione – The goddess of snow and daughter of the North Wind (Boreas).
    • Kotys – (aka Cotys, Cottyto, Cottytus) A Dionysian goddess whose celebrations were wild and liscivious.
    • Kratos – A god of strength and power.
    • Lacheses – (aka Decima) One of the Fates. Measured the thread of life with her rod.

    List of Cool Free Fire Pet Names – M

    • Maia – (aka Mya, Fauna, Maia Maiestas, Bono Dea) One of the seven Pleiades, Goddess of fields.
    • Mania – (aka Mania, Manea) Goddess of insanity and the dead.
    • Melpomene – One of the Muses – represented Tragedy.
    • Merope – One of the seven Pleiades, married to king Sisyphos.
    • Metis – Titan goddess of wisdom.
    • Momus – (aka Momos) God of satire, writers, and poets.
    • Morpheus – God of dreams and sleep.

    Cool Free Fire Pet Name List – NO

    • Nemesis – (aka Rhamnousia, Invidia) Goddess of retribution (vengeance).
    • Nereus – (aka Phorcys, Phorkys) Titan God who Fathered the Nereids. God of the Sea before Poseidon.
    • Nike – (aka Victoria, Nice) Goddess of victory.
    • Note – (aka Auster) The South Wind. One of the Anemoi (wind gods).
    • Nyx – (aka Nox) Goddess of night.
    • Oceanus – Titan god of the ocean.

    List of Cool Free Fire Pet Names – P

    • Pallas – A giant who was one of the ancient Titan gods of war.
    • Pan– (aka Faunus, Inuus) God of woods, fields, and flocks. Also a Satyr.
    • Peitha – (aka Peitho, Suadela) Goddess of persuasion.
    • Persephone – (aka Persephassa, Persipina, Persipnei, Persephatta, Proserpina, Kore, Kora, Libera) Goddess of the Spring who lives off-season in the Underworld.
    • pheme – (aka Fama) Goddess of fame and gossip.
    • Phosphorus – (aka Phosphorus, Lucifer) The Morning Star.
    • Plutus – God of wealth.
    • Pollux – (aka Polydeuces) One of the twins who represents Gemini.
    • Polyhymnia – One of the Muses – represents sacred poetry and geometry.
    • Pontus – (aka Pontos) Ancient god of the deep sea.
    • Poseidon– (aka Neptune, Nethuns, Neptune) God of the sea and earthquakes.
    • Priapus – (aka Priapus, Mutinus, Mutunus) A (minor) god of gardens and fertility, best known for having an enormous penis.
    • Pricus – The immortal father of sea-goats, made into the Capricorn constellation.
    • Proteus – An early sea god before Poseidon.

    Cool Free Fire Pet Name List – RS

    • Rhea – (aka Cybele) Goddess of nature.
    • Selene – (aka Luna) Goddess of the Moon and the ‘mother’ of vampires.
    • Sterope – (aka Asterope) One of the seven Pleiades, who bore a child of Ares.
    • Styx – A Naiad who was the first to aid Zeus in the Titan war. (Not to be confused with the river Styx).

    List of Cool Free Fire Pet Names – T

    • Tartarus – (aka Tartaros, Tartarizo) God of the depths of the Underworld – a great storm pit – and the father of Typhon.
    • Taygete – (aka Taygeti, Taigeti) One of the seven Pleiades, a mountain nymph.
    • Terpsichore – One of the Muses – represented Dancing.
    • Thalia– One of the Muses – represented Comedy.
    • Thanatos – (aka Mors) God of death.
    • Themis – Ancient goddess of divine order, law, and custom.
    • Thetis – Leader of the Nereids, a shapeshifter, and a prophet.
    • Triton – Trumpeter of the sea and messenger of the deep.
    • Tyche – (aka Fortuna, Nortia) Goddess of fortune and prosperity.
    • Typhon – (aka Typhaon, Typhoeus, Typhus) God of monsters, storms, and volcanoes. Challenged Zeus for control of Mount Olympus.

    List of Cool Free Fire Pet Names- UZ

    • Urania– One of the Muses – represented Astronomy and Astrology.
    • Uranus – (aka Ouranos, Caelus) God of the sky and the heavens. Father of the Titans.
    • Zelus – The god of zeal, rivalry, and jealousy.
    • Zephyrus – (aka Zephyros, Favonius, Zephyr) The West Wind. One of the Anemoi (wind gods).
    • Zeus– (aka Dias, Jupiter, Tinia, Jove, Jovis Pater) Leader of the Olympic gods, and god of lightning, thunder, and the heavens.

Here is a good pet name in Free Fire, please give your pet a name!!