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Getting to Know the Journey of the Talented Twins Zuxxy and Luxxy

Zuxxy and Luxxy – Bigetron RA became the first team to win the PUBG Mobile title on the scale of Indonesia, Southeast Asia and also the world. This team’s victory in the PMPL SEA Final Season 2 event (25/10/2022) broke a new record while adding to their trophy in the PUBG Mobile scene.

This record is amazing, so far only Bigetron RA has been able to break the PUBG tournament champions in Indonesia, SEA and the world. Meanwhile, their national (Indonesian) title was during the PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022 Season 1 tournament.

In 2022, this team successfully won an award as the winner of the 2022 PMCO Global Finals. Of all the Indonesian teams, who would have thought Bigetron was able to dominate and win tournaments from national to international levels.

While celebrating the victory, let’s explore how Bigetron RA’s journey has been since the beginning. How did Zuxxy and Luxxy, the Bigetron twins, get to know PUBG to become the famous pro players they are today.

Zuxxy and Luxxy Play Crisis Action Game for the First Time

crisis action

The twins Bagas Pramuditha aka Zuxxy and Bagus Prabaswara aka Luxxy are the main components of the team. One reason is because their position is practically irreplaceable. The talents of both have been seen for a long time.

Reported from Hybrid, Zuxxy and Luxxy’s first tourney in a national game competition was during the 2022 Indonesia Games Championship. At that time, both of them competed in different teams for the Crisis Action game.

Yes, they competed in two different teams, Zuxxy played with the MPZ team while Luxxy was in the PROCLAS team. Their abilities have been seen from there, the proof is that the team that Luxxy defended successfully won the championship title. While the MPZ Zuxxy team is in second place.

Bigetron Esport recruited after winning the 2022 IGC Crisis Action tournament

Getting to Know the Journey of the Talented Twins Zuxxy and Luxxy

Zuxxy once said that he first entered Bigetron Esport because he won the Crisis Action IGC 2022 tournament. Then the shooting game, Rules of Survivor, appeared. The two immediately plunged into a new competition.

At that time they participated in the ROS Indonesia Championship tournament in September 2022 and managed to win the championship title. Zuxxy and Luxxy this time were on the same team with two other colleagues. This year also PUBG Mobile was released, the twins were again interested in trying it out.

PINC 2022 was the first competition that Zuxxy and Luxxy participated in. They also managed to win after overthrowing EVOS Esport and RRQ Ryu. At that time the team consisted of the two of them and two colleagues who previously competed in ROS, Natic ​​and Kingzzz.

After PINC ended, in 2022 new history was made when they emerged as world champions at the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split Global Finals 2022. In 2022, their team also ranked 1st in PMPL ID Season 2. Both of them also won the PUBG tournament on a scale Southeast Asia by defending Bigetron RA at PMPL Sea 2022.