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Get Free Elite Skins at Snow Box Events This Way

Tricks to Get Free Elite Skins Snow Box Mobile Legends Event

Again and again finally player free
Mobile Legends will get event skins free from

This time, Moonton presents Snowbox eventswhere we have to do gacha to get skin. Different from
gacha event

other, on Snowbox events this Moonton give
prize pool in the form of full skin heroes, nothing
skin trial, fragmentor other junk items.

Each gacha will definitely get a skin at random. There are 2 boxes provided by Moonton in
Snowbox eventsone box (box elite) have
Prozepool skin elite as the main prize, while the other box (box epic) have epic skin prize pool as the main prize.

Moonton have confirmed that we will automatically get the main prize from each box by doing
gacha as much as 5 times. That is, we will get
elite/epic skins every 5 times

Cost gacha in Snowbox events it’s not cheap, for once gacha only we need at least hundreds diamonds,
250 diamonds for elite boxas well as 450 diamonds for
epic box. That’s new too gacha only, even though we should at least gacha 5 times to get elite/epic skins. So, at least we have to prepare thousands diamonds to obtain
skin the.

However, according to the title of this article, Moonton actually gives us the opportunity to do this gacha for free in
Snowbox events.

To get skin free in Snowbox eventswe have to do the following steps:

1. Pre-order

Pre order

To get a chance gacha for free, we have to do pre order first.

How to do pre order quite easy, just click the page
eventsthen search events which name is “Free Elite Skins”. Once you find it, just click the button pre order which is located below the crate image.

By doing pre orderthen we will be guaranteed to get
3 Mithril Keys which we can exchange into tokens for doing gacha in event party box on September 26, 2022.

Opportunity pre order We can do this from September 23, 2022 to September 25, 2022. So, for those of you who want to
skin free, don’t forget to make pre order now.

2. Complete the Quest


Not much different from event skins other free, Moonton will present some quest which we can access tomorrow on September 26, 2022. The contents of each quest approximately equal to
quest on events previously, that is do
loginhang out with friends, top up diamondsand many more.

For the value of each questof them are as follows:

  • Login (get 1 Mithril Key)
  • Complete 1 classic/rank/brawl mode match with friends (get 1 Mithril Key)

  • Share event (get 2 Mithril Keys)
  • Top up 20 diamonds (get 4 Mithril Keys)
  • Top up 100 diamonds (get 4 Mithril Keys)
  • Use 250 diamonds in the Snow Box event (get 4 Mithril Keys)

There are a total of 16 Mithril Keys that you can get from completing quests, plus 3 Mithril Keys from Pre-order, so the total is 19 Mithril Keys.

However, if you don’t want to top up any diamonds, then you will only get 7 Mithril Keys. Then, can we get 7 Mithril Keys for free? You will get the answer on the redeem token menu.

3. Redeem Token

Redeem Token

In the menu explanation pre order (point no 1), I have said if we will get the item named Mithril Key which can later be exchanged into tokens gacha. For details on the exchange, you can see in the following image.

From the picture above, it is clear that we will get
one token elite box from exchange 4 Mithril Key. In fact, we are guaranteed to have 3 Mithril Key from
pre orderthen just need 1 Mithril Key more can we gain from completing questand we can already do
gacha on elite box.

Meanwhile, if we want to get gacha for free at
epic boxneed at least 12 Mithril Key which later we can exchange with one epic box token. For this one maybe we should top up first some diamonds in order to get 12 Mithril Key.

Moonton has confirmed that we will get
elite skins with the free tokens we earn for
elite box. So, just decide elite skins what do you want in events this time. I hope it fits
gacha really got.


Because there are 2 different boxes, then Moonton also present
prize pool different in each box.

For prize pool in elite boxwe will have a chance to get some special, elite, and basic skins. You can see a snippet of the image below.

Prizepool Elite Box
Prize pool elite box

Meanwhile, for epic box prize poolwe will have the opportunity to get skin epic of course there are also
there are even some skin collectorplus skin which is on elite box.

Prizepool Epic Box
Prizepool epic box


So, what do you think about events this? In my own opinion,
Snowbox events present at this time indeed provide more benefits for us, especially the player freebies who always expect to get skin free from moonton, because in events
it’s confirmed to get one elite skins on
elite box first draw

Prizepool what’s in Snowbox events this time is also quite different from events before, where on event never been there beforekin collector who entered epic box prize pooland now there are several
skin collector
present, which means Moonton has updated
prize pool-his. Quite interesting, because there are still many skin which Mimin doesn’t have :v

Okay, maybe that’s all my discussion is related to event skins free
Snow Box. If you have something to ask, just write it in the comments column.

Don’t forget to always visit us because this blog will always provide interesting information about
Mobile Legends games.

Thank you


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