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Get Free Diamond Com Mobile Legends Here!! – Get Free Diamond Com Mobile Legends Here!! Want to know how to Get Free Com Diamonds in Mobile Legends?! Come see how!! Starting from being a game streamer to participating in a Giveaway.

1. Become a Game Streamer

Septemberbe some of you already know, in the game Mobile Legends there are features live streaming.

Now, you can also use this feature to be able to top up ML diamonds for free. You will get diamonds from people who like streaming you.

The number of diamonds obtained also varies, depending on how much they like streaming what you do:

  • Flowers : 2 diamonds
  • Jewelry : 6 diamonds
  • Roadster : 250 diamonds
  • Yachts : 1000 diamonds
  • Airplanes : 5000 diamonds

The more people who watch, the higher the chance to get a lot of diamonds. So don’t forget to tell your friends or followers before doing streaming yes.

2. Install the Diamond Prize Application

How to get diamonds Mobile Legends for free the second is to install a special application.

Such as Cubic, Dent Android, VeeU, News Cat, Tap Cash Rewards, Free My Apps, and so on.

These kinds of apps usually offer reward points for every activity you do.

Now, you can exchange these points for various prizes, including diamonds Mobile Legends.

In addition to points, there are also applications that provide prizes in the form of credit. From this credit, you can also use it to top up ml with credit

But also pay attention to the security of the application you want to use install yes. Because there are applications that cheat and do not top up ML for free.

3. How to Get Diamond Mobile Legends by Joining the Tournament

There are now more and more tournaments esports including Mobile Legends. From this tournament, the organizers sometimes prepare prizes in the form of diamonds with a value of millions of rupiah.

These tournaments also vary, ranging from official Moonton tournaments, campus tournaments, organizations or communities, and others. Come Join the Tournament here

4. Participate in Giveaway or Quiz

Not a little influencer nor gaming youtubers who often give out diamonds for free to subscribershis. Well, you can’t miss this opportunity.

Besides gaming youtubers there are also many platforms or companies that provide prizes in the form of free ML diamond top ups through quizzes.

Like media portals, e-commerce, game shop, online shop, and others. So that you don’t miss it, you have to look for it often giveaway diamond keywords on social media.

Follow the terms and steps carefully, who knows you might get a diamond Mobile Legends for free from the quiz.

5. Become a Group Admin Mobile Legends

You are actively joined in a group of players Mobile Legends? Now this can also be one way to get diamonds Mobile Legends for free you know. The trick is to become an admin or moderator in it.

Moonton as publisher MLBB often opens vacancies to become admins for a group. They pay these admins in exchange for diamonds.

To get this position, you must often monitor Moonton’s official social media.

Because this vacancy is not available at any time. To prepare you can practice some supporting skills to be accepted as an admin.

One of them is expertise in using applications Photoshop and site development.

6. Participate in the Tournament of Community Heroes in Your City

Community Hero is an official program from MLBB where every CH can hold gatherings, mini tournaments to official tournaments and get direct support from MLBB.

By becoming a Community Hero, you can

  • Take part in special MLBB events
  • Create your own event
  • Get support (diamonds to Epic Limited Skins) for CH and community members
  • Contact MLBB staff directly

7. Participate in the Giveaway Gift Skin from Champions