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Genshin Impact Windbrew: Learn How To Make Windblume Drink

In the latest version 1.4 update, players will take part in the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival where they have to carry out errands for the citizens of Mondstadt. One task asks players to mix drinks in Genshin Impact Windbrew Quest

Players need to help Margaret of the Cat’s Tail tavern create a new drink, but how do you do that? Here’s the information

How to Complete Genshin Impact Windbrew Quest

Before starting to mix drinks, the player must complete several tasks:

  • Talk to Margaret. He will ask your help to collect the ingredients for a new drink. You can help him by collecting Dandelions or Windwheel Asters. The next task will change depending on what you choose
  • If choosing Dandelion: Go to Starsnatch Cliff and choose three sets of Fine Dandelion Seeds
  • If you choose to collect Windwheel Asters: Travel to Windrise and collect three special Windwheel Asters
  • When you get to location a, there will be an opponent. Beat them.
  • Now you can return to Margaret with the required materials

How to Mix Windbrew Drink Genshin Impact

Now players can chat again with Margaret. He will hand over the responsibility to the players to mix the drinks.

Margaret will later provide instructions for the process.

“Start with Sweet Flower, said Margaret. “Pour the milk! Then, for added flavor, add the Windmill Daisies and set aside for a while.

Lastly, add some Dandelion Seeds as a finishing touch along with some ice cubes, and you’re done!

Genshin Impact Windbrew: Learn How To Make Windblume Drink

Here are the details:

  • Put Sweet Flower
  • Pour milk
  • Enter the Aster Windwheel.
  • Let
  • Add Dandelion Seeds.
  • Add ice

When you’re done making your drink, take it to Mondstadt so some NPCs can taste the new drink. After that, the player will be asked to return to Margaret with the survey results.

Mission completed.

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What is the Genshin Impact Windbrew Quest Reward?

Completing missions will give players an additional 20,000 MORA, 20 PRIMOGEM, and two HERO’S WIT experience books. So this drink is very valuable because it will provide quite a lot of prizes.

Well, that’s the Genshin Impact Windbrew Quest event, how to make a Windblume drink for Margaret. It’s very easy if you read the instructions correctly. But it does take a struggle to find the ingredients.