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Genshin Impact Upano, What Does It Mean?

Genshin Impact Upano, What Does It Mean? – On the 6th day of Mimi Tomo’s Genshin Impact’s Hilichurls event, during the Mutual Exchange quest, players are required to give items to Hilichurl.

Hilichurl asked for “Upano”. In this Genshin Impact guide, you will share what Upano means and where players can find items that fit their category.

What is Upano in Mimi Tomo’s Genshin Impact Event?

If you check the Handy Handbook on the Hilichurlian language given to you by Ella Musk, you will find the meaning of the Hilichurlian word “Upano”.

Upano is a word affixed to a noun and describes the upward direction, flying attacks, birds, clouds, knights on patrol and small companions sent by the big Hilichurl by flight.

In the Handy Handbook it is stated that Upano is difficult to explain. But that is not so because the handbook already gives an idea of ​​what the Upano is like.

Upano means something that can fly [arah atas] and it is a word attached to a noun.

Looking at the description of the item, you can give it a fowl and it will work. You can give him birds to advance through the Mimi Tomo Sighting 6 event quest. You can also give him other items that match the description.

Where to Find Upano in Genshin Impact?

Finding birds that match the Upano description is fairly easy. Outside the city of Mondstadt, on the bridge the player can kill pigeons because it includes poultry.

If you can’t do it because they fly farther away, you can target the geese under the lake.

Another easier way is to buy it. To buy poultry at Genshin Impact, head to Springvale and talk to Draft.

It sells 10 birds which you can buy to complete the event objective.

Camel Mosi Dada Time – Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo

After a short fight, you will have another conversation with Hilichurl. This will instruct you to go to the location on the Mosi Dada Camel.

This is a description of the time of day that has been used twice before. Camel Mosi Dada means “Beautiful time from lunch until before sunset.”

Players must set the in-game time between noon and 6pm. If you do this successfully, you will receive a teapot furniture blueprint. This is Tasseled Lantern: Deck the streets.