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Genshin Impact PS4 Slime World Event: Start Time, How to participate and more

Update 1.4 Livestream brings a lot of things, from new characters to reruns of the Venti banner. There is also a Genshin Impact slime world event or slime paradise for PS4 players.

A new dating sim is also presented in the game where this is very much awaited by the fans. Here’s everything you need to know about the 1.4 livestream update.

Genshin Impact Slime Paradise PS4 Web Event: Start Time

The Genshin Impact Slime World or Genshin Impact Slime Paradise Event has started as of September 25 at 13.00 (UTC +8).

Players can participate through the event page. In order to participate, players must have at least an Adventure rank of 10 and above.

Players need to buy decorations through the decoration shop using paradise coins and place them in the garden.

This Paradise coin can be obtained by completing various tasks by logging into the web portal every day.

These decorations will later attract monsters and slimes to the garden. Players can also get Paradise tickets in this event. Tickets can be exchanged for Primogem, Mora and other prizes in the gift shop.

How to Get Paradise Tickets

Here’s how to get Paradise tickets.

  • By completing event tasks.
  • Decoration generates paradise tickets every day at 00:00 Server time.
  • When a new monster visits the park, it will bring a paradise ticket.

Make sure to read the decoration descriptions properly because it’s important to determine which monsters and slimes will visit the garden. Try to attract as many monsters as you can.

Gift List

The rewards that players can claim from the Slime Paradise web event in Genshin Impact are:

  • 30 Primogems – Can be exchanged four times – Cost 2,000 Paradise Tickets
  • 5 Hero’s Wit – Can be exchanged five times – Cost 600 Paradise Ticket
  • 5 Fine Enhancement Ore – Can be exchanged five times – Cost 300 Paradise Ticket
  • 000 Mora – Exchangeable 10 times – Cost 600 Paradise Ticket
  • 500 Mora – Can be exchanged 99 times – Cost 100 Paradise Tickets

Genshin PS4 players can be said to be stepchildren. Because, this event was presented on the Mobile and PC versions last September.

Therefore, miHoyo decided to hold this slime world event or paradise event for PS4 users again.

Once again, this Slime Genshin Impact world event is exclusively for PS4 users. For PC and mobile users, the Xiangling cooking event is still ongoing. Have a good time!

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