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Genshin Impact Mcdonalds PFP, Explained Mcgenshin Meme

Genshin Impact Mcdonalds Pfp – The Genshin Impact Fandom on the official Discord and hoYoLAB forums is filled with imagination, and the latest memes are taking over the player base using McDonald’s profile pictures.

While playing the character Genshin who plays an employee at a Mc Donalds fast food restaurant.

How Genshin Impact Mcdonald’s Pfp Meme Started?

Genshin Impact Mcdonalds Pfp

It started a month ago to be exact in September. At Genshin Impact Discord this is off topic. However, many Discord users play the role of the McDonald’s employee version of the character.

Some users have also changed their profile pictures and avatars into photo shopped versions of Genshin Impact artwork.

With characters wearing McDonald’s hats and uniforms. it all became the beginning of the Genshin Impact McDonalds Pfp meme started.

Eventually, things started to spiral out of control. More and more fans are playing the role of McGenshin’s character, which is starting to irritate the rest of the community.

Until September 27, 2022, role-playing the character Genshin who works at McDonald’s will have users muted by mods on the community’s official Discord.

Some of Zhongli’s sentences, especially the phrase “I will have order”, which was recently stickered, also participated in the spread of the meme.

McGenshin Memes Still Viral

While Genshin Impact Discord is officially cracking down on McGenshin, the meme is still going viral. Some have even joined forces to create their own Discord servers.

They hope that Genshin collaborates with the American fast food restaurant. Other users are also role-playing on Twitter.

For those of you who are not familiar with this game, please note that some of the characters in the game are known to be hard workers.

The horned girl, Ganyu, who became a meme, for example, works overtime non-stop. This character fits the McGenshin meme very well.

It looks like the meme will still be trending in the future. It would be interesting if miHoYo finally announced its collaboration with McDonald’s in America.

Considering that previously Genshin Impact had also collaborated with KFC even though it was only present at KFC in China, not globally.

We will wait for futher news. Septemberbe with so many players expecting the collaboration between Genshin Impact x McDonald’s to happen, it’s not impossible that miHoYo will grant it.

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