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Genshin Impact Lantern Event, Things You Need to Know

The Genshin Impact Lantern Event has started. Players can now gather the resources needed to create Xiao Lanterns. You need to complete the Origin of the Lanterns mission in Liyue Harbor to get the recipe. We will also discuss the details of the following Lantern Rite event.

What is the Genshin Impact Lantern Event?

Not only presenting the new character Xiao, the Genshin Impact 1.3 update also brings a new event called Five Lucky Colors.

An event that is no less exciting is also back, namely the Lantern Genshin Impact event which has been present as of September 10, 2022. In this event, there are sub-events with exciting missions and attractive prizes. One of them is a 4-star character gift that can be obtained directly, without the need for gacha.

The Genshin Impact Lantern Event is a celebration of the Liyue people. Where at night, everyone living in Liyue flew Minxiao and Xiao Lanterns in the clear night sky.

Ingredients for making Xiao Lantern

Ingredients for making Xiao Lantern

In order to make Xiao Lantern, three ingredients are needed, namely

Players can get Lantern Fiber from all crops that can be harvested. If there are plants in the game that you can collect, you will automatically get one Lantern Fiber when you pick them.

Wick Material will fall from Hilichurl-type enemies, and Fatui Elites. Players must kill enemies, as usual, and materials will fall from them. Then, can take it like any other resource.

Plaustrite Shard can be obtained from ore which can be mined in the game. So, every time the player destroys a rock, the plaustrite shard will fall. Players can also get it through drops from Geovishap Hatchlings and Geovishaps.

The last source can be obtained from the Stonehide Lawachurls drop. In this case, mining ore is the easiest way to get it.

How to Make Xiao Lantern

To make a Xiao Lantern, visit any alchemy table and there will be a Xiao Lantern in your recipe. As long as players have the relevant materials, players can make them just like any other item.

Participation conditions:

  • Adventurer Rank Level 23 and above
  • Completed Quest Archon Chapter I: Part. I “The Land Hovering Between Thousands of Stones”
  • Completed Xiao’s Story Quest “Chapter Alatus” (will automatically open after “The Land Hovering Between Thousands of Stones” is completed)

Event time of the Genshin Impact Lantern Event

This event will be open from September 10, 2022 to September 28, 2022. However, each event has a different time and here are the full details.

Night Sky Sparkling Events:

  • Lantern Origin Quest: September 10, 2022 to September 28, 2022.
  • Search for Calm Water Under the Lantern: September 14, 2022 to September 28, 2022.
  • Lantern Quest in the Sea: September 18, 2022 to September 28, 2022.

Thousand Lantern Light: 10 September 2022 to 7 September 2022.

Theater Mechanicus Opening Time: September 10, 2022 to September 28, 2022.

Xiao Market Opening Time:

  • Xiao Market Stage 1: 10 September 2022 to 7 September 2022.
  • Xiao Market Phase 2: September 14, 2022 to September 7, 2022.
  • Stage 3: September 18, 2022 to September 7, 2022.


Travelers don’t need to use Original Resin to join this event

Event Details

The Genshin Lantern Event is divided into 4 parts: “Sparkling Night Sky”, “The Story of Lantern Rite”, “Theater Mechanicus”, and “Xiao Market”.

For more details about the existing events, the following is an explanation:

1. Sparkling Night Sky

sparkling night sky

The first is Night Sky Sparkling, during the Lantern Rite event, you must complete the Xiao Story Quest “Chapter Alatus” to open the “Night Sky Sparkling” quest.

Later the story of “The Sparkling Night Sky” is divided into three stages: “The Origin of the Lantern”, “Calm Water Under the Lantern”, and “Lantern in the Sea”.

After you complete these stories, you can get Primogem, Hero’s Wit, Mora, and various other interesting things.

Only players who have completed missions in “Sparkling Night Sky” can unlock the next part of the Lantern Rite event and other game modes~

2. The Lantern Rite story

The Lantern Rite story

You will unlock the next event, “The Story of Lantern Rite” after completing “The Origin of the Lantern”. In this event, players can accept citizens’ requests in the “Lantern Rite Story”.

Every time you receive a resident’s request, players will get prizes in the form of Primogem, Mora, and Festive Fever.

The Lantern Rite Story” is divided into 3 stages. Players must collect Festive Fever and complete missions found in “Sparkling Night Sky” to unlock the next part of “The Story of Lantern Rite” and related missions.

After the event ends on September 28, 2022, players can no longer complete resident requests. So immediately complete all the quests before the event ends.

3. Festive Fever

Genshin Impact Festive Fever Lantern Event

Players can get this item after completing requests from villagers in “Lantern Rite Story”.

When your Festive Fever reaches a certain amount and has completed the missions found in “Sparkling Night Sky”, can advance to the next Lantern Rite stage. And unlock “Story of Lantern Rite” and “Theater Mechanicus”.

So much information about the Genshin Impact Lantern Event. September be useful.