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Genshin Impact: Elegy for the End impressions and Details

Elegy for the End is the new five-star weapon from Genshin Impact, shown in today’s trailer 1.4. Details of this weapon were previously leaked by datamining, and now the weapon has been officially revealed.

Genshin’s New Five Star Weapon

In the trailer, Venti is shown using this bow against Oceanid. The look is quite slick, with a wavy blue and gold pattern that follows much of Mondstadt’s design ethos.

This looks great on Venti, and his abilities seem to be compatible with characters like Venti or Fischl.

According to Honey Impact, the bow will have Recharge Energy as its secondary stat. Which plays well in weapon abilities.

This will increase Elemental Mastery by 60 and create a Sigil when the skill or burst hits the opponent once every 0.2 seconds even if the character holding the bow doesn’t come out.

When four Sigils are obtained, each character in the party gets the buff The Millennial Movement: Farewell Song, increasing Elemental Mastery by 100 and ATK by 20% for 12 seconds.

When this effect is triggered, you don’t get Sigil for 20 seconds with a downtime of 8 seconds. These stats and abilities are subject to change from their beta version when Elegy for the End makes it to live servers.

Elegy for the End Impressions

Elegy for the End impressions and Detail

This weapon looks great on the character you use it for support ability who attacked several times.

With Venti, you can fire his Elemental Burst to trap enemies, switch to another DPS unit and trigger Venti’s Burst buffs when hitting trapped enemies.

Combined with his Stormeye talent, you’ll make some big reactions time and time again.

Fischl is another character that fits perfectly with this weapon. Fischl is also a great support unit with his Elemental Skills.

That’s because he doesn’t need to go out to get Sigils, you can summon Oz, switch, and get Sigils when he attacks

Build Machine Gun Fischl can increase ATK, but it’s best to switch to a character that earns a lot elemental damage like Tartaglia or Diluc.

Speaking of Tartaglia, not sure if this can be used on him. His Elemental Skills changed his position from ranged to melee, but attacks in melee were counted as normal attacks.

This is why Rust works so well, but his Skill and Burst don’t hit enough to reliably trigger Sigils. Keep this in mind the next time the banner comes.

Elegy also seemed decent among the other archers. Diona, Ganyu, and Amber’s skills don’t reach that much, but their Burst deals damage repeatedly so you can gain four Sigils quickly.

This won’t be the most ideal weapon for them, but it will work if you don’t have anything else. At the very least, basic attacks higher as five stars are good overall.

It’s unclear how the banner for Elegy for the End will work, but it doesn’t appear to have a Weapon banner of its own yet.

Elegy Weapon Details For The End

Rarity: 5 stars

Base ATK: 46

Base ATK (Lv90): 608

Secondary stat: 12% Energy Recharge

Secondary stat (Lv90): 55.1% Energy Recharge

Passive Ability : “The Parting Refrain” increases a character’s elemental mastery by 60. When a character’s skill or burst hits an opponent, the character gains Sigil.

After having four sigils, sigils will be consumed to gain 100 elemental mastery and a 20% bonus ATK to closest allies for the next 12 seconds in Genshin Impact.