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Genshin Impact Cryo Hypostasis : How To Beat It

The Genshin Impact 1.5 update adds Hypostasis with a new element namely Cyro where previously players could only fight Anemo, Geo and Electro Hypotasis. This article will discuss Genshin Impact Cryo Hypostasis.

Now, travelers can fight Cyro Hypostan. Players can farm to get Eula’s Ascend Materials.

Here’s a guide to help you defeat the elite Cryo Hypostasis boss in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: How to Beat Cryo Hypostasis

Cryo Hypostasis appears south of the Wyrmrest Dragonspine Valley. The area is surrounded by three poles / poles that you can activate.

Later the Sheer Cold effect will disappear as long as you stand near it. The boss itself has several abilities, among others.

  • Homing Shards – This will shoot some ice into your character.
  • Icicle Ripples – Several small circles will appear on the ground. Crystals will erupt, often following you as you go.
  • Crystal Rain – The boss will float and flatten itself, raining down some shards in an area.
  • Serrated Shuffle – The boss will turn into a propeller and zip your way.

Almost all of these abilities make Cryo Hypostasis vulnerable afterwards. The only exception is Icicle Ripple as it is vulnerable when the spell is active.

As for the Serrated Shuffle, you can lure the boss to go to the edge of the arena. That way, you can keep destroying it while the brazier cancels out the Sheer Cold effect.

Once the Cryo Hypostasis’ health is depleted, it will enter its final position. The construction will regenerate health and shoot three blocks of ice.

You need to use a charged attack to hit the block of ice back. Then destroys the shield and cancels its healing mode.

Cryo Hypostasis will be vulnerable for a few seconds, so you’ll have to rush to blow it up and destroy it.

Rewards to be Received

Like most bosses in Genshin Impact, Cryo Hypostasis drops the Gladiator’s Finale and Wanderer’s Troupe artifact sets.

It also drops the Shivada Jade gemstone. However, what you need to plant here are Crystalline Blooms.

It was Eula’s Ascending Matter. However, since she hasn’t joined the game yet, you can farm for Crystalline Blooms, Shivada Jade, and Dandelion Seeds to prepare once Eula becomes available.

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