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Genshin Impact Coming Soon on GeForce Now This Month, Can Play Anytime Anywhere! – If you think that Genshin Impact can no longer find a console that can be used to play the game, Hoyoverse and Nvidia announced that the action RPG game will be coming to GeForce Now on September 23.

No kidding, this game, which was launched in 2022 on iOS, Android, PC and PS4, can be played in 80 countries at once.

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Launched on GeForce Now, Genshin Players Can Play The Game Anytime, Anywhere!

If you are not familiar with GeForce Now, it is a cloud based game streaming service developed by Nvidia in 2015, before finally being released in September 2022.

This game streaming service has been developed for several years so that it can play AAA games smoothly.

Commenting on the presence of Genshin Impact on GeForce NOW, Wenyi Jin VP of Hoyoverse revealed that GeForce NOW has the potential to provide immersive gameplay to more gamers.

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Meanwhile, VP of GeForce NOW, Phil Eisler said that Genshin is a very popular game around the world, and they want to give Genshin Impact fans and players to play the game on PC or on other devices.