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Genshin Impact Color Stream Festival Event Web Guide

The Genshin Impact web event was just released today, surprising many players because developers rarely provide back-to-back web events.

However, it was a pleasant surprise as the new web event, ‘Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues,’ also gave away Primogem as a gift.

Travelers need to create greeting cards and complete other tasks to earn Popularity Points and receive rewards from web pages during the event.

Create Greeting Cards on Web Event Festival Celebration of Color Stream

Players above Adventure Rank 10 can participate in the event by visiting the link here.

Travelers can log in using the HoYoLAB account and choose the correct server and character so that the prize will be awarded to the correct Genshin Impact account.

As soon as you enter the interface, a letter-carrying pigeon named Kukur will give you random inspiration.