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Genshin Impact's Battle of Revenge Quest Guide

There are many quests that can be completed in the world of Genshin Impact. Many are also hidden quests.

The Battle of Revenge Quest is the culmination of certain Daily Commissions in Inazuma. Completion will give you extra Inazuman Reputation points and close the Daily Commission story.

Players who frequently do missions in the Land of Electro will likely come across this quest during their journey.

Genshin Impact’s Battle of Revenge Quest

Finding the Battle of Revenge quest may be tricky, as it relies on a randomly assigned Daily Commission system.

Players must complete the ‘An Art to Be Honed’ commission at least four times before this quest appears. Once done, players can head to Asakura, an NPC who stands in Inazuma City.

Genshin Impact's Battle of Revenge Quest Guide

Asakura can be found not far from the southernmost waypoint of Tenshukaku. He would provide information regarding the background and exposition of the quest while asking for their help in reclaiming his honor.