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Geek Fam ID MLBB Division

Geek Fam ID MLBB division – Founded by Keat and Joseph in 2022, Geek Fam has risen, on its way to becoming one of the leading names in the competitive arena of the Asian esports scene.

The team started their journey by sending their Dota2 team to ESL One Genting, making it to the final of the Phase 2 Qualifiers. This was followed by constant invitations to some of the biggest Dota2 tournaments such as The Kyiv Major, Epicenter, The Summit 7 and The International.

In MPL Invitation Season 6, the Geek Fam ID roster is filled by Shwann, Despair, Zunz, Frzz, Renv and Babyruca. Meanwhile, MPL ID Season 7 follows the roster list.

MLBB Division Comes Through Acquisition of SFI.Critical Team

Geek Fam then spread its wings to Indonesia under the name Geek Fam ID. The presence of Geek Fam in Indonesia is the result of a system franchise league in MPL Indonesia Season 4. They came through team acquisition SFI.Critical in 2022.

Therefore, the MLBB division Geek Fam ID is present at MPL Indonesia Season 4 with SFI Critical Mobile Legends players. Geek Fam took the initiative to expand with the aim of entering the competitive arena of MLBB Indonesia, which is indeed very developed. They acquired SFI.Critical which is called the prominent Indonesian MLBB team.

Currently Geek Fam ID has several team divisions esports. The divisions are the Indonesian Mobile Legends division, the PUBGM division, and the Geek Girl division which contains the MLBB and PUBGM divisions for women.

The Call of Duty division was disbanded in 2022, but instead, Geek Fam ID prepared a new division, Valorant.

Latest MLBB Division Geek Fam ID Roster List

Geek Fam ID MLBB Division contains several roster old from SFI.Critica. According to the Geek Fam Asia website, the core MLBB players from Geek Fam Indonesia are Wong Coco, Ipin, Joker, Ramzu, Doyok, Tezet, Instinct, Val, Paul, and Kirito.

However, Wong Coco, Joker, AyamJago, and Crappy in November 2022 followed several other roster such as Paul, Ipin, and Val. At MPL Indonesia Season 7 which will be held in 2022, Geek Fam ID is reshuffling roster new by bringing in young players.

roster Geek Fam for MPL ID is filled by Rendy “Renv” Kurniawan (Sidelane), Ranu “Despair” Herdianto Yahmadi (Sidelane), Bima “Adam” the True Son (Sidelane), Frzz (Support), Valentino “Babywww” Farrell Rustjo (Hyper), and Ahmad “Zunz” Eko Mustofa (Tank).