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Free Fire will be closed by the government?? Come Check the Facts!!

Recently there have been rumors among the Free Fire (FF) community that the battle royale game will be closed by the Government of Indonesia in 2022!

This is not the first time that FF has been rumored to be shutting down. Previously in 2022 the news was also crowded in the Indonesian esports world.

But this time, is the rumor true, and what is the trigger for this rumor? Come check the facts below!!

The trigger for rumors of the closing of Free Fire

Push Up Emotes

Rumors about the closure of Free Fire first circulated after a video about a child doing a freestyle movement inspired by the Free Fire push up emote went viral.

The push up movement that the boy did was pretty cool. But he did it while praying tarawih in the mosque, making the gesture a disgraceful act.

The problem is, the video that went viral was not a lesson not to be imitated. But instead influence others to do the same.

The reason is, more and more videos are found showing other children doing the push-up emote movement inside the mosque.

The actions carried out by these children caused criticism of the Free Fire game itself because the movement was inspired by their game.

Charity money theft

In addition to the commendable freestyle movement, Free Fire again had to receive harsh criticism after the case in the mosque happened again.

This time, a video has gone viral again after a young man wearing a shirt that reads Free Fire was caught stealing charity money from the mosque.

The young man was attacked by people around because he had done a very bad action. But because he was wearing Free Fire clothes, once again the battle royale game had to accept the impact of netizen criticism.

Will FF be removed from Indonesia in 2022?

Until now there has been no news from the official party regarding information on the closure of the Free Fire Game in Indonesia, here are the reasons why Free Fire will not be closed by the Indonesian government in 2022:

The reason FF won’t be closed in Indonesia

  • Free Fire is a mobile game that does not violate the laws of the Indonesian state.
  • The Free Fire game has also been supported by the government.
  • The Free Fire game has also made Indonesia proud to the international level.
  • The FF community in Indonesia is so large that it won the Esports Award 2022 in the Esports Mobile Game of The Year category.


You need to know, Champs’ friends, that information to Garena regarding information regarding the closure of Free Fire in Indonesia is false information, aka hoax.

Until now, the government has not announced the closure of the Free Fire game in Indonesia. so for you lovers of FF games, you can still continue your hobby with limits of course.