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Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: Which Game Has Better Battle Royale Mode 2022?

Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile, which is better? The two Battle Royale genre games are indeed very prominent in the esports industry. Call it PUBG, which was lined up as the esports game with the highest number of viewers in September 2022.

Likewise with Free Fire with players who have continued to grow since the game was first released. Both of them have interesting gameplay qualities and excellent graphics even though they target different targets.

Free Fire itself targets mid to low smartphone users. While PUBG’s target market is mid to high smartphone users.

Both offer battle role games but with different features and gameplay experiences. So, which game offers better battle royale gameplay in 2022, huh?

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Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile, Which Battle Royale Mode Game is Better?

PUBG Mobile itself offers 100 players who land on the ground at the same time. While Free Fire 50 players.

Both have different match durations due to the varying number of players. PUBG Mobile matches will last for 30-35 minutes. While Free Fire only lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Characters with special abilities and pets are the main icons of Free Fire. Garena also often collaborates with various parties, namely CR7, Money Heist, AOT, and many more.

In addition to fighting other players directly, one can also use surfboards, zip lines, and gloo walls which add to the diversity of gameplay.

In PUBG Mobile there is no such feature, but Krafton offers the usual battle royale experience starting from landing, loot, fighting and surviving until the end of the match.


Both have their own advantages that offer the experience of playing battle royale games with different gameplay.

In Free Fire, for example, it offers a variety of gameplay. While PUBG presents better graphics than before.

PUBG has a more realistic and detailed graphic texture. While Free Fire looks more like a cartoon and is vibrant.

For the visual experience in BR mode, it seems that PUBG Mobile offers a better visual experience.

Meanwhile, Fire Fire presents advantages in terms of more complex gameplay and is good for BR mode players.