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Free Fire's Iconic Skin Question Answers at the 2022 FFWS Master Showcase Event

The answer to the question of Free Fire’s iconic skin – FFWS 2022 event has been present in the game for some time. However, on September 25, a new event was presented, namely the Free Fire Master Showcase.

In this event, players are asked to complete the existing challenges. As a reward, players will get a Badge. If you have collected more than 12 badges, you can exchange them for the FFWS 2022 Backpack.

Well, one of the missions to get the Badge from the FFWS 2022 event, the “Si Cerdas” Badge, is to answer 3 questions related to the All In video.

Answers to Free Fire’s iconic skin questions at the 2022 FFWS Master Showcase Event

At the Showcase event, there will be a question and answer guess for Free Fire players so they can get the Smart Badge. Here are three questions and the correct answer key.

#1 Of The Four Main Characters One Of Them Uses FF’s Iconic Skin What’s the Skin Name?

Answer :

  • Green Dino (True)
  • samurai
  • Dark Clown

Then if it is correct, you will be directed to the second question. Here is the sound of the question.

#2 What color is the Pan Skin that has the FFWS logo?

#3 In the scene where the graffiti artist sits down to play FF, what is the painting on the wall?

  • Red Tree (True)
  • Giant Boat
  • Glittering Cup

Prizes To Be Received

If you have answered the three questions correctly, you will automatically get the “Si Cerdas” badge.

You can exchange the badge to get a Test Robot and also a Weapon Royale Voucher.

How, now how much is the Master Showcase badge that Buddy Booyah got at the FFWS 2022 event that has accompanied Buddy Booyah from a few days ago?

FFWS 2022 Master Showcase Event Details

The event will take place from September 25 to September 6, 2022. Players need to complete all available missions on each badge. For every 1 mission completed, a badge will be earned.

Unlock 12 of the total 16 badges to get all the prizes, including the main prize, the FFWS 2022 Backpack.

There are three hidden badges with special missions. You are challenged to unlock the badge if you can.

There is also a badge that has a mission with a “limited time” sign on the logo. This means that you can only complete the mission within 7 days. After 7 days, the mission will be reset and you will have to start over from the beginning.