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Flying Witch Manga Maker Donates Funds For KyoAni!

The disaster that befell Kyoto Animation the past few days have surprised us, especially for fans of the studio’s anime series. The fire accident even killed 33 people in the building area.

Recently the Original creator of the Flying Witch manga, Chihiro Ishizuka wrote on his Twitter account on September 19 yesterday that partial sales of the eighth volume of Flying Witch will be donated to Kyoto Animation.

That is, the mangaka also donated funds to Kyoto Animation after the fire incident that killed many people. Ishizuka clarified the donation will be taken from physical and digital volume sales.

The volume in question is also scheduled for release in Japan on September 9 later in special and regular editions, including special editions including drama CDs.

This is not the first time the creator has done something similar, Ishizuka previously also donated the proceeds from the sale of the manga’s 7th volume for disaster relief after heavy rains hit Japan last year.

In addition, several well-known companies such as Sentai Filmworks, Crunchyroll, retail chain Animate, Uji city, and others have also collected donations and messages of support for the victims of the KyoAni incident.

Noted, GoFundMe from Sentai Filmwork has collected more than US$2 million or more or less around 28 billion rupiah for Kyoto Animation. Currently, Eleven Arts is holding an origami crane campaign and plans to send fan-folded art to the studio.

The Mainichi Shimbun said that more than 25 companies worldwide have offered financial support to victims.

Kyoto Animation itself announced Tuesday that it has opened an account to accept donations of money after Thursday’s horrific arson at the Studio 1 building.

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Source: ANN