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Fishing Hook, a Fishing Simulation Game That Makes You Crazy

Fishing Hook

Most people think that fishing is a very boring activity, even I myself think so. However, what will happen if the activity that looks boring at first glance is turned into a video games? If you think the answer will be the same, then Mobirix will immediately reply to you with
Fishing Hook game

this, because it turned out to be a games fishing simulation can be made much more interesting and more fun than you can imagine.

Just like games other fishing simulation,
Fishing Hook here to make you feel what it’s like to experience fishing. However, interestingly games this throws away all the boring sides, and leaves only the interesting things during fishing.

Not only that, Fishing Hook turns out to also present a variety of features that are quite successful to make users playerhe likes to play it. What features does it offer? and what factors make games is this interesting to play? To answer these questions, let’s just look at the following reviews:


Fishing Hook, Fishing Simulation Game

Fishing Hook is games one button, which means in playing it you only need to press or hold one button. Yep, gameplay what is offered is very simple, making
games This is very relevant to be played by various groups, whether it’s children or adults, all of them can play it very easily.

However, behind gameplay that very simple,
Fishing Hook turns out to save various other aspects that are displayed very stunningly. One of them is the alternation of time between day and night which is very finely polished in games this. I myself didn’t even notice it thanks to the very smooth transition with a panoramic view of the sea that is no less good.


1. Presents Various Types of Fish

Fishing Hook, Fishing Simulation Game

In games fishing simulation, fish become spot the most important thing to pay attention to. And in the
Fishing Hook game this, spot The main character is displayed quite perfectly.

You can find various types of fish in games these, and the types will differ depending on which sea you fish in. At the beginning games you will be able to access the Borneo sea, and in the Borneo sea you can find fish like
Stripped Marlin, Sawedged Perch, Chinese Bahaba, Bonnetmouth, Talang Queenfish, etc.

Different again in the Mediterranean sea, you will certainly find a variety of new fish and fishing experiences that are more challenging than the Borneo sea. You can access the various seas in this game at will, and you only need a certain level to open them.

Of course, the various types of fish available, complete with a variety of beautiful sea panoramas, automatically make you happy Fishing Hook game This is very interesting to explore, and is one of the factors that can make the playerit can feel comfortable playing games this for a long time.

2. Equipment Upgrades

The higher the level you reach, the more interesting the fish you can catch, so various improvements are needed
equipment to support it.

Fortunately, all fishing equipment in games You can get these, such as fishing hooks, strings, bait, etc upgrade to make it easier to get large and interesting fish catches for collection.

Cost equipment upgradesThe gold is in the form of gold that can be obtained from the fish that you catch and then sell. Gold can also be obtained by selling collectible fish in the aquarium. The more attractive the fish, the more gold you will get.

3. Aquarium

Fishing Hook, Fishing Simulation Game

Not only showing gameplay intense fishing,
Fishing Hook also presents an aquarium feature that you can use to collect fish that you have successfully caught.

The aquarium inside games This is also not made haphazardly, the design is displayed quite charmingly, complete with various animations of fish that swerve in it. You can even feed them to watch the fish gather and enjoy their food.

Although it looks very simple, this aquarium feature manages to add to the attractiveness offered by Fishing Hook game this.

4. Wild Fish

Fishing Hook, Fishing Simulation Game

It’s incomplete if you don’t have the rarest fish for you to collect, and in games Here are some types of fish that are the most difficult to find, one of which is labeled with “Wild Fish”.

As the name suggests, Wild Fish will be the rarest fish that will offer a very challenging fishing sensation when faced with it. Not only rare, this fish will also make you try harder, because
Wild Fish has a much stronger power than other fish, which of course makes this fish very difficult to catch.

Wild Fish will be available in every sea you stop by, so don’t forget to get Wild Fish in each sea to become an amazing collectible material.



  1. Can be played online offline (without internet quota).
  2. Does not take up storage space.
  3. Serves a lot folder with a wide variety of fish.


  1. Lots of ads.
  2. The energy for fishing runs out quickly.

From the various things that I have described above, it can be concluded that
Fishing Hook is games great fishing simulation
worth it for you to play. The graphic design is quite stunning, complete with fish animations that are not rigid, is one of the main factors why games this can be superior when compared to
games other kind.

In addition, the lack of required specifications makes games this can run smoothly on various types of devices, even potato spec androids can definitely play games this very smoothly.

So, how about now? Did you guys throw your hooks in
Fishing Hook games? Write your opinion in the comments column.


That’s my review about fishing hook games, If there is anything you want to add, please write it in the comments column below.

Don’t forget to always visit to get various interesting information about games other.

Thank you


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