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First Assassin's Creed Potentially Remastered?

Ubisoft signals Assassins Creed Remaster? – After the Assassins Creed livestream to celebrate its 15th anniversary Ubisoft started teasing things with a new omen in their roadmap. One of them is the return of the first game series in a new form.

At least that’s what Ubisoft teased during the livestream. In the livestream they explained the roadmap for the 15th anniversary of Assassins Creed starting with Valhalla in September until the end of the first Assassins Creed in September.

Interestingly, the roadmap coincides with their promise to provide information about the future of Assassins Creed in September.

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Along with that, fans then find that Ubisoft has improved the visual appearance of the first Assassins Creed trailer featuring Altair as the main character.

Credit: Ubisoft

Different from the original trailer, which was blurry and almost colorless, Ubisoft strengthened the color saturation of the first Assassins Creed trailer. Give it the potential that in September they will announce remasters of some of their older games.

Of course this news should not be trusted 100% and considered as mere rumors. This is because Ubisoft could only sharpen the trailer with clearer colors and images to suit current technology.