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Finally, the Black Bird Manga Gets a New Chapter!

Company’s September issue of magazine Shogakukan that is magazine Betsucomi announced on Wednesday that, Kanoko Sakurakoji will create a new chapter for his manga entitled Blackbird for the next issue, and will be published in the magazine in September.


Synopsis of Black Bird

This Black Bird manga tells the story of a person named Misao Haradais a person who considers himself to be in a world of myth and magic, in Misao’s mind, that world separates her from her soul mate.

However, Misao also thought that, few people could see the world she lived in. However, Harada also didn’t want to have any relationship with the magical realm. He just wants a normal life and hopes to have a girlfriend.

All of her thoughts changed one day when Misao was attacked by a demon. It turns out that Misao is the bride of the prophecy. Misao’s blood can also give demons power, or rather increase the power of demons.

And the storyline continues when many demons want to capture him, but he can only survive by hiding.


Sakurakoji published his manga in Betsucomi magazine in 2007, and ended in December 2012 with 12 volumes. The manga is adapted from a stage play that was screened on Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater in Tokyo on September 27-31.