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A site that offers free diamond fifre 999999999 appears, namely The site is being discussed and sought by Free Fire players to get diamonds for free.

This is not the first time a site that offers free diamonds has appeared, previously there were similar sites, namely and

However, both of them cannot give free diamonds. So, how about this one? here’s the explanation.

How Does the Free Fire 999999999 Site Work?

The site with the address at called Free Fire Battlegrounds 999,999 Diamond & Coins offers free diamonds and coins. As written on the main page of the site.

On the main page too, the site asks users to enter a Free Fire account username and choose the device used when playing FF. offers Free Fire 999999999, Check the Facts!

If so, the user will be asked to choose the server provided. There are four servers there namely New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin.


Then, the user is asked to write down the desired number of diamonds and coins. Users can enter any amount even up to 999999999999, it’s unlimited!

schema site

Immediately after entering the desired number of diamonds and coins, the user is asked to verify.

One of the experiments carried out, when trying to verify, users will be redirected to a page in the form of survey options. So it goes on for three times until the survey page no longer appears.


Does Free Fire 999999999 Work It?

The site does not provide free coins and diamonds as promised. He can also threaten players for asking to enter an email address.

So it’s clear that is not an official Garena site and its use violates the rules made by the Free Fire developer.

In addition to site-based, there are also applications that offer diamonds for free. However, we are not all work even a scam. Besides being illegal, we also don’t know whether the application is safe or even if it has been infiltrated by a virus or malware in it.

If curious, users can download it, but make sure not to enter important data such as passwords or emails along with the password. Because, user data might be at stake.

How to Avoid Scam Sites

To avoid scams like the site, users need to know the difference between official and unofficial FF events.

Usually, official Free Fire events don’t ask for an email, let alone a password. They only ask for the user’s Free Fire account ID.

For example, the official Garena redem code site. Users only need to enter their ID and the redeem code will be immediately obtained.

Don’t forget to also stop by the official Free Fire social media to make sure that Garena is holding a special event. Visit the official Garena Free Fire Instagram @freefirebgid or Facebook @FreeFireID.

Well, that’s the discussion about free fire 999999999 on the site. It is certain yes that the site is a scam and not worth it. So, don’t waste time accessing the site because there will be no free diamonds, let alone up to 999999999.