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Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Why Did Sharon Carter's Nephew Peggy Carter Be Evil?

The final episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier has been released. In the sixth episode, many surprises appeared. One of the facts behind Power Broker is Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter’s nephew.

At first he was a good figure but turned into a bad guy. He even went as far as to kill other people to keep his identity safe. He even runs a secret organization operating in Madripoor.

Why did Sharon’s agent turn evil? Read the explanation.

Transformation into a Power Broker

Sharon Carter’s transformation into a Power Broker is not clearly stated. However, the signs have appeared in the third episode when he met Sam Wilson.

He tells what happened to him so he decides to stay in Madripoor, where criminals hide and do business.

Sharon had said to Sam that maybe one day he would enjoy life as a true con artist.

After helping Captain America, Falcon, and also the Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War, Sharon becomes a fugitive. However, he was never forgiven by the government.

He also decided to flee to Madripoor, a place that is considered safe for fugitives to become a “queen” there.

At Madripoor he used the pseudonym Power Broker and ran a criminal business there.

Why did Sharon Carter Betray a SuperHero?

It might be quite surprising when Sharon becomes a villain who plans to sell government secrets. He himself made his debut in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Steve’s friendly neighbor.

Until finally, he came to Steve’s apartment with a gun. Steve later learns that Sharon is actually agent 13 who was assigned to keep an eye on him by Nick Fury.

That story was the beginning of the transformation of Peggy Carter’s nephew Sharon Carter into evil. Another reason is Sharon’s disillusionment with her work for the government.

Later, in Captain America: Civil War, Sharon struggles to retrieve Captain America’s shield and Falcon wings for the government. He was also rewarded for his efforts by Steve Rogers and his friends.

However, he was made a fugitive by the government. Sharon was so tired that she decided to be evil. In the film Captain America: Civil War Sharon had a relationship with Steve Rogers.

But in Endgame, Steve chooses to go back in time and marry his aunt. The breakup may also be the trigger that makes Sharon evil.

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