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EXO Ship Saga Game Released for New Album

EXO Ship Saga Game was released ahead of their comeback with a special album titled “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING”. Ship saga is a mini game to entertain fans while waiting for their official return.

EXO Launches Mini Game For Comeback With Special Album ‘DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING’

On September 1 at midnight KST, EXO shared a new set of teaser images for their new album “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING.” The album is themed Parallel Universe with photos featuring members Xiumin and Baekhyun.

Based on the post, the two members were the ones who took several photos, especially individual photos.

Mini Game Also Released

In addition to sharing new teaser images, EXO also launched a mini game that follows their comeback concept.

The mini game is named EXO Ship Saga where the EXO members are in outer space. Fans can play the game online using their smartphone.

How to Play the EXO Mini Game ‘EXO-SHIP SAGA’?

To play the EXO game, you must first enter your date of birth and name. You can use your own birthday or one of the EXO members who will be selected as a player in the game.

Furthermore, if you have completed the date of birth and name, later the game will begin. You need to guess the red power using the spaceship to get points.

You can catch objects such as fuel that fall as the game progresses. Players will be given three lives to complete the mission requested in the game.

If the three lives run out, the game will automatically end, aka GAME OVER. If it’s like this, you need to play from the beginning again, collecting points from zero again.

After you are declared victorious and defeat the red power, EXO’s slogan “EXO WE ARE ONE will appear on your phone screen as a sign that you won.

Later, you will get an EXO member ID as a gift after winning the game. It’s important to know, if you use EXO-L’s birthday as your birthday, you will get an EXO-L card.

Play the game here. Have fun, EXO-Ls!