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Evos Ferxiic Bio - News and Game Guide – Biodata of Evos Ferxiic

On Sunday, September 2, 2022 to be exact, Evos Legends again made history in the world of Mobile Legends by winning the MPL Season 7 champion!!

Evos Legends managed to get their 2nd MPL Cup previously won by Roster WORLD (Wann, Oura, Rekt, Luminaire, Donkey).

This time, Evos managed to get the champion with 3 different roster (Rekt, Luminaire, Ferxiic, Clover, and Antimage).

Luminaire also managed to get MVP in MPL Season 7 this time, but there was 1 player with the nickname “The Baby Tiger” who caught attention.

Unlike his colleagues who already have experience playing on large stages in the MPL class (Evos Ferxiic was one of the Evos players in MDL before being promoted to the MPL roster)

Evos Ferxiic managed to get a trophy in his first MPL!! Great isn’t it??? Here is Evos Ferxiic Biodata:

Biography of Evos Ferxiic

Name: Ferdyansyah

16 years old


Team: Evos Legends

Role: Jungler

Evos Rekt

Name: Gustian

Age: 26 Years


Team: Evos Legends

Role: Tank

Evos Luminaire

Name: Ihsan “Luminaire” Besari Kusudana

Age: 21 Years


Team: Evos Legends

Role: Support

Evos Clover

Name: Hafizhan “Clover” Hidayatullah

Age: 23 Years

Religion: unknown

Team: Evos Legends

Role: Sidelane

Evos Antiimage

Name: Maxhill Leonardo

Age: 23 Years

Religion: Unknown

Team: Evos Legends

Role: Offlane

The winning mentality and experience are the keys to EVOS’ success in winning the MPL title this season. Was conquered in the first game, didn’t make EVOS panic and down. Ferxiic and his friends were able to equalize the score to 1-1.

In the third game, Bigetron again showed his slick game. The strategy of continuing to press was launched by Matt and his friends to return to winning 2-1.

The fourth game of EVOS immediately featured aggressive play from the start. Bigetron, who actually looked superior, was defeated by the patience of the EVOS children, who in the end again equalized the score to 2-2.

The fifth game was a turning point for the M1 champions, where they managed to take the lead for the first time in grand final this.

The two teams who were rather cautious made the game tend to be more passive. This is illustrated by the points kill which only recorded 8-3 for EVOS advantage.

EVOS doesn’t seem to want to take this game any longer. In the sixth game, EVOS immediately stepped on the gas to bombard Bigetron’s defenses.

The overwhelmed Bigetron was unable to withstand the attacks from EVOS. The game that tends to be fast is finally secured by EVOS and at the same time locks the championship title.

This victory feels even more special for the EVOS team, because it also managed to avenge their defeat by the same team in the final round upper bracket. In addition, this is the title of EVOS champion after MPL Indonesia Season 4.

Title Most Valuable Player (MVP) or the best player won by Luminaire. This achievement is a sweet complement to the victory of the EVOS Legend team at grand final MPL ID Season 7.