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ESL One Los Angeles, Geek Fam Successfully Entered the Main Event

ESL One Los Angeles has finally completed the group stage for the ASIA region. The Dota 2 Geek Fam team managed to come out as winners of Group B in this tournament and have the right to enter the play-off round to secure a ticket to the ESL One Los Angeles Major event.

Joined in group B with 4 other teams, namely team Fnatic, Boom Esports, Cignal Ultra, Lowkey Esports, is not an obstacle for the Geek Fam team to become the winner of group B. They have the right to advance to the play-offs with the runner-up of group B, namely Fnatic.

ESL One Los Angeles Group B Final Standing

Entering the play-off round, the Geek Fam team, which was the winner of Group B, had to fight the runner-up from Group A, namely the IO team. Xepher and his friends also managed to beat the tight resistance from the IO team with a final score of 2-0 for Geek Fam’s victory.

These results are enough for Geek Fam to secure a ticket in the main event of the ESL One Los Angeles Major and will compete with champions from other continents.

Meanwhile, the IO team, which was defeated by the Geek Fam team, still has the opportunity to catch up with Xepher cs to play the ESL One Los Angeles event by having to beat the Adroid Dota team to secure the third Asian regional slot in the ESL One Los Angeles main event.

With this result, of course, we hope that the Geek Fam team will get the best results in the Dota 2 ESL One Los Angeles tournament.