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Escalation Valorant : New Limited Period Game Mode In Valorant

Valorant is out with new updates for its players, one of which is Valorant’s Escalation mode. The new game mode will be the best way to try out all the new additions to the game.

In its new patch update, Riot also brings a new set of cosmetics for players, character updates, weapons, and new game modes.

However, this article will discuss the Escalation mode, for information on the new patch update, you can read it here: Complete Information on Update Valorant Patch 2.03

Escalation Valorant

Escalation Valorant : New Limited Period Game Mode In Valorant

Escalation Valorant is the latest game mode added in the new Valorant update. Escalation is a limited time game mode.

In this game mode, the player must kill and race opponents through a cycle of different weapons and abilities. Advance together as a team through 12 levels of Escalation. The first team to complete level 12, or the most superior within 10 minutes, will be deemed to have won Escalation.

This is a team mode, but each player needs to play a certain role to complete each level. His job is to help his team get the points they need to complete each level.

Players must also get at least 1 kill with a weapon or skill, even if the team is already at a higher Escalation level. For each completed match, agents will earn 800 XP, and an extra 200 XP when they win.

Valorant Escalation Mode Rules

Escalation Valorant : New Limited Period Game Mode In Valorant

  • 5v5 game mode
  • 12 levels of escalation (each level has a specific weapon or ability)
  • The first team to reach 12, or the one leading within 10 minutes, wins
  • Teams together have to get 7 points at one level to advance to the next level
  • Killing at the current level earns 1 point
  • Killing at the previous level earns 0.5 points
  • Each player has an individual weapon level in use to complete
  • The team can still increase the Escalation level if using the previous weapon level
  • Player must get at least 1 kill from weapon to unlock next weapon level
  • The game lasts about 7–9 minutes
  • There are no Agent special abilities based on character choice, only standard abilities that all players will see throughout the game.
  • Fast respawn (immune in the first 5 seconds)

Level Escalation Mode System

Each of the 12 levels of Escalation will also be limited to a different gear. According to the web page, the gear list is as follows.

Level 1: Players will always receive Raze’s Rocket Launcher Capability or Vandal/Phantom assault rifle.

Level 2: Players will always receive a Vandal or Phantom assault rifle.

Lv 3-11: various weapons and abilities

Level 12: maybe shorty, classic, knife, stun arrow, or snowball thrower

Health : health bag will be dropped upon death and expires in 10 seconds.

Players will get 800 experience points for completing the match and an additional 200 experience points for winning,