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Ero Lover Manga Getting Anime Adaptation!

The official Twitter account for the app Production IG Anime Beans announced on Monday that, manga belonging to Mitsuha Sakisawa and Nekousa entitled Ero Lover got an anime adaptation for the Production IG Anime Beans app. This anime will premiere later on the app Anime Beans on September 22.

Not only delivering news, this article also shows the cast who will appear in the Ero Lover anime adaptation. Here’s the cast for the anime Ero Lover:

Marie Miyake as Miya Nakanishi
Ryūichi Kijima as Heiji Kōzawa
Yuri Katō as Rea Shiosaki
Haruki Ishiya as Shūichi Nakatani
Rei Shimoda as Septemberuko Kurosaka
Wataru Usami as Father
Shohei Yamaguchi as Senpai


Synopsis of Ero Lover

This manga tells about the romance of teenagers, it’s strange, but there is a dormitory where male and female students live together in the dorm to have children. And there is a girl named Miyu enroll in a school that has this dormitory. The leader in that dormitory is heiji.

When they wanted to find a room, Miyu and Heiji turned out to have the same room by accident, but Miyu refused to share the same room with Heiji, however, after getting close enough, Miyu finally wanted to share a room with Heiji. And the story begins when Miyu and Heiji grow up together like a couple.

Sakisawa wrote the story for this manga, while Nekousa was in charge of illustrating the characters in this anime. And later Asura Film who will produce the animation for this anime adaptation. And Cloud22 is in charge of sound production for this anime.