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emoji word of the year 2015

Septemberbe with the development of the times, there are also various kinds of oddities that will even be considered normal for some people. Like this news, Oxford Dictionary (Oxford Dictionaries)specifying “Emoji” as “Word of the year 2015“.

Septemberbe in the previous year there were various kinds of words that were crowned as the word of the year, which is reasonable because in the selection of the most popular words, aka the ones most often used by people within a year. In 2015, Oxford Dictionaries crowned an emoji that didn’t even have a word in its true meaning.

Emoji was finally chosen by Oxford Dictionaries as the word of the year because it is considered a ‘word’ that best reflects a person’s feelings, ethos, and preoccupation. Emoji was chosen as the best word in 2015 through observation of data from third-party applications, namely swiftkey keyboard in the Android and IOS ecosystems to view data globally. and finally oxford found the joy with tears emoji is the most used emoji in the world this year. Oxford says that the word “emoji” and expressive characters saw a huge increase in statistics in 2015.

and in the end, after knowing the reason why emoji became the word of the year this year, it is also considered reasonable and reasonable right? not only to myself, even you might also think this is normal right? not only think logically, maybe you are also one of those emoji users.