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Elden Ring Tips For Beginners

Elden Ring is the biggest From Software game to date. It is the studio’s finest work, and full of secrets and challenges in every corner.

Here are Elden Ring guides and tips for beginners to help maximize your trip to The Lands Between.

1. Don’t Miss the Crafting Kit

After venturing into the open world, the Crafting Kit should be the first item to purchase. You can buy items from merchants found in the Church of Elleh, which is north of the starting area, for 300 Runes.

The Crafting Kit unlocks recipes for perfumes, weapon greases, throwable pots, health items for mounts, valuable buffs, and more.

2. Learn to Escape

There are many powerful enemies that populate the world of the Elden Ring, and you will face several of them in your first few hours.

You are not required to immediately beat some challenges. However, you need to explore, level up, and come back later with increased knowledge and skills.

Sites of Lost Grace Point Is The Main Destination

Like the bonfires and lanterns in previous From Software games, Sites of Lost Grace is a checkpoint you’ll be chasing in the Elden Ring.

These locations serve as fast travel points, storage management, and safe areas in most dungeons.

Health, focus points, and reusable flasks are restored while you rest at the Site of Grace. You can also use these checkpoints to increase your character’s stats or memorize new spells.

In addition, this safe area will lead to your main goal. If you feel lost or unsure where to go next, try finding the Site of Lost Grace and exploring the surrounding area.