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Drifting Dragons Manga Adapted Into Anime Series

Station Fuji Television announced on Thursday that, Manga belonging toTaku Kuwabara entitled Drifting Dragons or it can be called Kuutei Dragons get a television anime series adaptation which will premiere in September 2022. The video below is a bonus from the Drifting Dragons PV.

Additional bonus, that Tadahiro Yoshihira who will direct the Manga which will be adapted into this Anime at an animation studio called Polygon Picturesand Makoto Uezu will be writing and overseeing the series scripts for this adaptation. Whereas Yoshikazu Iwanami who is in charge and director of sound for this manga adaptation.

Drifting Dragons

Drifting Dragons Anime Synopsis

This anime tells the story of hunting down the Dragon that is behind the clouds with the help of the drapel ship named Quin Zaza. With just one dragon catch, they can eat a lot of food without worrying about what they will eat for the next day.

If they didn’t get any results from hunting the dragons, then they wouldn’t be able to eat a whole day. And also they gather crews so that the dragons can be caught easily and the results will be divided equally among all the crews who participate in hunting the dragons.

Drifting Dragons

Comics from the company Kodansha started releasing the series for this adaptation digitally in December 2022, and the company Kodansha has also released the manga’s third volume digitally in September 2022.