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Dorothy Wa Gokigen Nananame manga? Will end!

Company’s September issue of the magazine Shueisha announced on Wednesday that, the manga’s work by the author named Ayuko Hatta entitled Dorothy Wa Gokigen Nananame? will end up in the magazine’s next issue on September 12.

Dorothy Wa Gokigen Nanamee

Synopsis of Dorothy Wa Gokigen Naname?

This manga story focuses on a person named Mio, is the girl who is treated as a mascot in her class. Mio knew a transfer student at her school named Haibara, but the boy didn’t like Mio. And the story of this manga begins when Haibara and Mio become friends and they finally study together to be able to graduate at the school.

Dorothy Wa Gokigen Nanameee

Ayuko launched this manga of hers in the magazine Bessatsu Margaret last September. Shueisha’s company published the volume for the compiled manga book on September 25.

Ayuko also launched her own manga entitled Wolf Girl & Black Prince in Bessatsu Margaret magazine in 2011, and ended in September 2022. The company Shueisha published the 16th compiled book volume into a manga in September.

In September 2022, it turned out that the manga already had 5.4 million copies in print.