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Donald Trump Invites Bill Gates to Block the Internet in the United States (US)

Donald Trump never ceases to amaze us with his controversial statements. And the latest now is His plan to limit the freedom of Internet users in the United States or even block them. Through the campaign he did in Karolina, USA. He wants to make the superpower lose Internet access.

According to him, Internet access will only facilitate acts of terrorism, mass murder, and all kinds of chaos in America. Because the Internet will only facilitate communication, coordination, and provocation so that people are more likely to commit crimes.

“We lost a lot of people because of the internet,” he reasoned, as Dafunda quoted from reported TheVerge, Tuesday (08/12/2015).

In order for his ambition to be realized, if he is elected later, Trump wants to invite or ask for help from one of the top technology companies, namely Bill Gates.

“We look at Bill Gates and other people who understand the current situation (the impact of internet technology). We have to talk to them, maybe in some sectors, to shut down internet access,” he explained.

Trump certainly knows that the statement he is making will be a problem for his election, because Americans will tend to feel constrained if Trump does restrict Internet access. But he did not feel discouraged at all and remained in his position.

“Some people will say ‘oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech,’ he gave an example. “They’re morons,” said the Republican candidate.

But what confuses me here, will “If” Donald Trump close Internet access in the United States, will the country’s economic power still remain? as we know it. Many United States companies have gone online and many of the United States’ own sources of income are generated from the combination of several computers.

For example, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and also several other large companies. The presence of Donald Trump as President will certainly limit the coffers of their money on the Internet. Therefore, it is possible that Donald Trump’s new statement could be a boomerang for himself. In addition there are also other contradictory statements that he stressed, the United States will not accept a Muslim into their country. Of course if he is elected president. This statement is considered a double-edged sword, on the one hand Most Americans will agree with it. But in the eyes of the world He has spread hatred and must be willing to have his name denounced everywhere.

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