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Discuss Mobile Legends x Sanrio Characters Event, Lots of Free Prizes Awaits!

Mobile Legends x Sanrio Characters Event

Just a month ago Moonton release
events collaboration titled
“Aspirants Unit”now Moonton bring back events collaboration with para Sanrio Characters (Hello Kitty). As you already know, events This collaboration will bring
skin Angela “Heartstrings”, Floryn
“Fluffy Dreams”, Chang’e “Moon Artist”, and Claude
“Bad Bro” as the grand prize.

Not only that, Moonton will also present some
events others that are planned to be implemented during the month
September future. Of course, various events will have attractive prizes, ranging from heroelimination effect,
skin, avatar borderetc. which you can get for free.

Well, in this post, I will explain more complete information about some of the events who will be present in the context of collaboration
game Mobile Legends x Sanrio Characters. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion:

1. Cinnamon’s Birthday Party

Event Duration: 22 September 2022 – 6 September 2022

Cinnamon's Birthday Party

Events The first to attend was Cinnamon’s Birthday Party.
Events This has started since last September 22 until tomorrow September 6th. In events In this case, you are required to decorate the cake by collecting items Pastry Bag obtained from various
quest which has been provided. Various quest these include such as loginshare page eventsplay with friends, play in fashion rank/classic by using Floryn, etc. All quest it will bereset every day.

Every questits worth 1 Pastry Bagand you must collect at least until 12 Pastry Bags to be able to decorate the cake provided. Because of all quest– it’s in-reset every day, then all you need to do is play
Mobile Legends game this is routinely to collect
Pastry Bag the more.

Each completed decoration will get a prize, starting from
avatar border, Hello Kitty gift,

until the main prize is hero Floryn that you can get for free through events this.

2. Kitty’s Collection Book

Event Duration: 5 September 2022 – 23 September 2022

Kitty's Collection Book

In events In this case, you are required to complete daily quests, such as playing with friends, share events, and collect pictures Sanrio Characters which has been provided. If you manage to collect 3 of the same pictures, then there will be prizes that you can get

Grand prize in events this is a special elimination effect that you can get when you successfully collect all available character images. To make it easier for you to collect these images, the images of the characters you have can be downloaded barter with your friends.

So, make sure all your friends are active when events This goes on, because the more active friends you have, the easier it will be for you to collect pictures Sanrio Characters.

3. Delightful Vending Surprise

Event Duration: 5 September 2022 – 3 September 2022

Delightful Vending Surprise

The third event, as well as being the most anticipated event in this collaboration event, is Delightful Vending Surprise event. Just like KoF skin event, events this will also apply the method gacha by connecting a pattern to get the main prize, namely skin Angela “Heartstrings”, Floryn
“Fluffy Dreams”, Chang’e “Moon Artist”, and Claude
“Bad Bro”.

Every 10 times draw will be guaranteed to get epic skins to the top,
draw The first 10 times will be discounted 50% (not paid) reset every day). Double skins earned will be exchanged for
vending machine tokens which can be used to do
gacha again. So, more and more skin the more you have, the cheaper it will cost you to get the main prize.

In other words, events this is more aimed at
player the sultan who already has a lot skinbecause they can get the main prize at a lower cost.

So, what about the free players?

Take it easy, as usual, Moonton will also provide opportunities for player free to do gacha by presenting the menu pre order and various quest which will be present in 2 sessions, maybe for more complete information about
events I will discuss this in the next post.

4. Purin’s Bingo Board

Event Duration: 12 September 2022 – 25 September 2022

Purin's Bingo Board

Different from the third events previously,
Purin’s Bingo Board is events the easiest to understand, because all you need to do is finish
quest provided.

Grand prize from events this is skin Valir
“Pale Flame” which you can get after successfully completing all quest which exists.


Well, that’s the fourth events which will be present in the context of collaboration Mobile Legends x Sanrio Characters. Actually there are still some events more that I have not explained, but because there is still a lack of information, so maybe I will explain in my next post.

Therefore, always keep an eye on us because this blog will provide various information about
Mobile Legends game. If there are criticisms, suggestions, or additions from you, please write them in the comments column.

Thank you


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