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Disclaimer – Game News


All services on the Kabar Games Indonesia website follow the applicable Disclaimer rules and are set by the Kabar Games Indonesia Editorial Team. The Kabar Games Indonesia Editorial Team reserves the right to load, not load, edit and or delete data and information submitted by the author of the article. All services provided follow the applicable game rules and are set by Kabar Games Indonesia.

Disclaimer Article

The public and readers who use news and articles from Kabar Games Indonesia are willing to be personally and fully responsible for the occurrence of an act of misuse and loss of all or part of personal data and or content as well as for all statements, ideas, opinions, errors, errors, inaccuracies or lack of content that has been placed and or displayed on Kabar Games Indonesia.

Readers are willing to release Kabar Games Indonesia, including the Admin, from all legal issues arising from the loading of content on Kabar Games Indonesia. The data and or information available on Kabar Games Indonesia is for reference only, and is not expected for the purpose of trading, financial or business transactions or other transactions. Although various efforts have been made to display data and or information as accurately as possible, Kabar Games Indonesia and all partners who provide data and information, including page managers, are not responsible for any errors and delays in updating data or information, or any losses arising from actions related to the use of data or information presented by Kabar Games Indonesia.

If you use our site, the public or readers agree to release and not burden Kabar Games Indonesia and its managers as the parties that overshadow it for all complaints, protests, claims, copyright lawsuits or legal problems that arise from the content that is entered and or displayed on Kabar Games. Indonesia.

Claims related to the use of photos that are not in accordance with the Terms of Service are fully the responsibility of the readers who use our site, and Kabar Games Indonesia is acquitted of all claims and lawsuits for the use of these photos.