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Diamond Vault Mobile Legends Event 2022 is here again

Mobile Legends developer Moonton has officially brought the Diamond Vault Mobile Legends 2022 Event to the game. Later there will be many skins that can be obtained if you participate in this event.

Starting from epic, normal skins and other attractive prizes. That’s why this event is one of the events that players like because apart from getting free skins, it also has the opportunity to bring home lots of diamonds.

What is Diamond Vault Event?

For those who don’t know, the Diamond Vault Event is one of the in-game events in Mobile Legends. Later, players are asked to complete all the existing tasks, then get a free coupon from the Diamond Vault.

These free coupons can be used to get attractive prizes in the form of skins to win the main prize.

The basis of this event is that players are asked to draw or gacha to get a prize in the form of half a diamond which is collected from all players who take part in this event. It sure is a lot!

How to Play Diamond Vault Mobile Legends Event

How to play this one event requires a large number of diamonds. Here we will inform you how and the number of diamonds needed.

How to play this event, first login to your game account then enter the Diamond Vault event. You can explore this event starting from 1x spin for 50 diamonds or directly 50x spin with 225 diamonds.

Every time you spin or draw, you have the opportunity to take home one skin from a total of six skins offered.

The point in this event is for those of you who feel sultan or want to get a certain skin from the 6 available skins.

List of Prizes for Diamond Vault Mobile Legends 2022 Event

List of Prizes for Diamond Vault Mobile Legends 2021 Event

At the September 2022 Diamond Vault event, there are a number of skins and prizes that are no less interesting. For those of you who are targeting cool skins from this event, let’s keep digging until you get it.

For the skin, there will be Skin Legends Hero Leomord – Triump Eagle, Wan-wan- Shoujo Commander, and Alice – Wizardry Teacher.

Meanwhile, for the epic prizes, there are Darting Star skins from Wanwan, Pigioner – Diggie, and Glass Blade – Natalia.

Other prizes include Magic Dust, Fragment Hero and Rare, Tickets, and Battle Emotes.

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There are rules set by Moonton at the Diamond Vault event, as usual, namely

  • During the duration of the event, you can use Diamonds to dig the Diamond Vault, random prizes from the Prize Pool will be guaranteed to be obtained in every dig.
  • Some of the Diamonds used by players in this event will be stored in the Diamond Vault
  • Every time a player digs, he has a chance to win half the number of diamonds in the Prize Pool. Diamonds in the Prize Pool will be reduced by half
  • When the event ends, the remaining number of diamonds in the Prize Pool will be saved for the next Diamond Vault Event Round
  • Legendary reward chance of 2%. While epic prizes are 1.5% and normal prizes are 98.5%.
  • Diamond chance of all servers is 0.03%

How, one of the events that you have been waiting for is here? Just login to your MLBB account and draw.

Don’t forget to prepare lots of diamonds so that the opportunity to get a higher prize pool from this event.